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Jim's Jots and Tittles. . .


Sometimes we do not obey
Because we decide to have it our way.
God's word has been given to us
But human nature proclaims it unjust.

Day after day we seem to say
I will obey God after I have had my day.
We foolishly forget that obedience is a must
And only in God can we trust.

Our God teaches what He expects
And what He has omitted He rejects.
His authority for our lives must be
Our future is bleak if this we fail to see.

Jesus came to this earth as a Son
To show us that obedience is why all is done.
He said I came to do my Father's will
Even if I must go to Calvary's hill.

To the nature of a bond-servant He was true
To show that obedience is what we must do.
An example of obedience He is to all
To Satan He stood strong and tall.

As an obedient son He was lifted up to heaven
To the amazement of the eleven.
A home in heaven you can be sure
If like Jesus we live a live that is pure.

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of life." -Rev 2:10

—Jim Hunt