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At-Home Devotion :: Lakeside Church of Christ

At-Home Devotion

Gene's A Capella Playlist on YouTube

I started this project for members that may not be able to attend services (before the Covid-19 hit). Now we are all shut in to protect each other from either catching or spreading the virus. There are many whose immune systems are compromised and must stay home. The early church members met in homes for various reasons. We have a good precedent. Our neighbors that live close to the church building would question why we are meeting when current law [due to the pandemic] forbids it... we would be setting a poor example for the church. Here's the link to the list. As I find new songs they will automatically show up at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately with this music app, the songs can't be sorted alphabetically. You may find a song that appears more than once for this reason or I liked different versions (like Our God, He is Alive). One request...if there's a song (or songs) you really like that isn't on the list, let me know and I will see if it's available.--Gene

You Tube Play List: CLICK HERE

URL: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6n-_b0eV8HBRcZUcpino957o270Saijf

(Playlist will open in a new window.)

PLAYLIST link- THIS DOESN'T CHANGE - if Gene adds or removes a song, the link doesn't change, so you can add it to your bookmarks to keep it handy.

Below are links to two charts, the first has the songs in order of appearance on the playlist and the second is the same list in alphabetical order. Both have the song number and its correspondent source (red or white book) so the user can turn to the song and follow and sing the lyrics. (songs in our white songbook have 4 digits vs. 3 and are followed by W) This is only beneficial for members that have one or both of the books. Lakeside church members, contact David Swanson (619-636-6406) to get songbooks if you don't have them. Also please note that there may be a song or two that are on the spreadsheet but are missing from the YouTube list.