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That's My King -- Do You Know Him

  • Do you know Him? -- His love is unlimited, His blessings are endless, He is impartially merciful.
  • Do you know Him? -- He is God's Son, He is the sinner's Savior, He is the miracle of the age.
  • Do you know Him? -- He supplies strength for the weak, He has been tempted as we have, He has left us an example.
  • Do you know Him? -- He is a gateway to glory, He is in God's presence, He is our mediator.
  • Do you know Him? -- He is awesome, His promises are sure, His grace is sufficient.
  • Do you know Him? -- He will return, the faithful will meet Him in the sky, you cannot live without Him.
John 14:3 -- "I will come again and receive you to Myself."

—Jim Hunt