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Jim's Jots and Tittles. . .

I Believe

I believe in the wondrous twinkling star,
Which led dilgent wisemen from afar.
I believe in the heavens and stars that be,
Which have guided men who follow the sea.

I believe in the tiny flower which grows,
In the waving grain and the wind that blows.
I believe in the tree so bare and so browned,
But after a season, in fruit will abound.

I believe in the trust of a little child,
In the tender love of a mother mild.
I believe in a faith of all mankind,
And a yearning for Light, there find.

I believe in the hopes and fears of men,
In sorrows, in prayers from their hearts then.
I believe in faith and prayer as I respond to God.
I believe He answers as a Shepherd with a rod.

—Jim Hunt