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Learn a Good Habit

Hebrews 10:25 we all should know.
It tells us about a place we should all go.
Leaving this earth is does not involve.
With some, a problem it will solve.

About assembling it will discuss.
It was written for our trust.
A habit has replaced this trust for some.
To all the assemblies some refuse to come.

About Sunday morn some would like to guess.
No other assemblies would involve the test.
Sunday morning assembly a good habit can be,
That is plain for all to see.

No Sunday morn is mentioned here,
But love and good deeds are words we hear.
Stimulating each other to these we cannot do,
If only one assembly occurs for me and you.

Encouragement it says to occur all the more.
That's why Sunday and Wednesday evenings should not be a chore.
Love and good deeds must be in abundance for all.
Our stimulation is needed to meet that call.

Assembling together is a source of faith to be sure.
The faith we share for sin a cure.
We need that cure if to God we are true.
Attending all assemblies is our encouragement to do.

Many words have been written about our assemblies.
Most have ignored these pleas.
But, in that day of Christ's return,
The importance of assemblies will be too late to learn.

Encouraging one another seems to be dear.
Without assembling this encouragement we cannot hear.
Surely this encouragement we want to share.
But is Sunday morn the only assembly we show we care?

—Jim Hunt