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A Godly Example?

During the 1992-1993 school year, I was privileged to attend a conference conducted by the Association of Christian Schools International in Anaheim, California. This is one of many workshops put together for the benefit of teachers who work in Christian schools.

It was unique in that representatives from Russia's department of education were present. The uniqueness was emphasized by the reason they were there. Since Russia was now an independent country, freed from the control of atheistic communism, they were now free to read the Bible without fear.

They were seeking to establish an educational system where God and the Biblical principles of morality could become its cornerstone. They knew that God's word could heal the many wounds that had been created by the ungodly nature of Communism.

It is interesting to note that they could not turn to the government of the United States for an example of a nation who incorporated concepts of rights and wrongs and principles of morality in its educational system.

It is also interesting because our country was established upon these ideals, but they have now been outlawed from our public educational system. It is ironic that these educational leaders would recognize that these principles from the Bible are what made the United States great and would make their country a better place in which to live. But the U.S. has discarded them with a corresponding increase in crime and violence. The Bible they were seeking has been removed from the teacher's desk in the U.S.

It was natural that these Russian officials look to the government of the United States for guidance back to God. If they had read our Declaration of Independence they knew that it acknowledged that God is the Creator of the universe. They would know that the first proclamation made by our congress on June 12, 1775 said: "It called for Americans throughout the Colonies to fast, pray, and confess their sins to God."

But what they found was a government and nation that no longer lived by the Biblical principles upon which this country was founded. And if those representatives were to seek to pattern after our government's educational pattern today, they would find sins and proclamations that deny the Bible and God Himself.

Consequently, the five Russian representatives found the answer to their search in the Christian schools. It is sad to think about our country's departure from the Christian principles upon which it was founded.

While the Bible is being ignored our outlawed by our government, all across Eastern Europe, more school administrators are asking the Eastern European Ministry for Bible for their students in public schools. These countries know what is good for their children and their future. Ukraine, Romania, and Croatia are just three of the countries benefiting from children being educated in the Bible. While our crime rate goes up, it is going down in these countries. It is even more profound when we realize that others do not see us as a Christian nation!

The Word of God is still true: "Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people." (Proverbs 14:34) We need to be concerned when our government advocates sins that are an abomination to God! Will "In God we trust" soon disappear from our money, or will "One nation under God" soon be a forgotten phrase?

—Jim Hunt