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The Soiled Bible

Ron DuPey

I had a brand new Bible, I bought it long ago.

It was a very pretty book, trimmed with gold you know?

I kept it right beside my chair, so everyone could see.

I wanted everyone to know, that it belonged to me.

It wasn´t opened very much. I thought it would be a shame,

To soil the cover or tear a page, of the book that bore God´s name.

I showed it to a friend one day, who said,

“A book with such a message should not be closed, but read.

For, it´s a book that tells us how to find life among the dead.’

So I began to read the book as the years went by.

Now the pages are all soiled and torn, but I don´t wonder why.

You see, I know that it´s God´s word and was never meant just for show.

It tells us of God´s plan for man, and a place for him to go.

So take your Bible off the shelf and read it through and through.

And share it with others, for it can save both them and you.

So, if you have a Bible with pages torn and loose

And someone asks you “Why?’

Just say its had some use