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Take Communion With You

Today, like every Sunday, we participate in the Lord's Supper. As the Gospel commands, we take the bread that represents the body of Christ, and the cup that represents his blood, both of which he gave up on the cross. Through that sacrifice, you and I are redeemed from our wickedness. We are so flawed and sin-stained that it took the blood of the only one without sin to cleanse us. That is something we must never forget. We may serve communion every week on the same day and at the same time, but there is nothing "routine" about it. It's the greatest gift any of us will ever receive, and we must treat it as such. The 5-10 minutes we set aside for communion is not the end of it. We must take it with us everyday.

  • When you are faced with a challenge in your life, remember the sacrifice of Jesus, and face your challenge with renewed faith.

  • When you succeed at something, give thanks to Jesus for willingly dying on the cross, allowing you the chance to achieve your goals.

  • When you're in pain, think of the pain Christ felt as they drove nails into his hands and feet and pierced his side, and know that you are never alone.

  • When life simply can't get better, praise God for sending his son to die in your place, making all of this possible.

Communion isn't simply a portion of our worship service, it's meant to be the theme of our lives. We are to live lives that reflect the debt we owe Jesus for picking up the check for our souls. We can't allow this to become a ritual. It must be the crux of our life, the motivation for our days. The death and resurrection of Jesus demands more respect than I find myself giving it. It's not enough for me to remember that sacrifice one day a week. He paid my debt, and when I took him on in baptism, I marked myself as his servant. Service to God isn't a 9-to-5 job. It's begins the moment you come out of the water, and it never ends. Let us take the spirit of communion with you throughout the rest of the day, and give it the respect it demands.

—Author Unknown to Us