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Bees Outsmart Scientists

Scientists have long recognized that bees are intelligent creatures. Many believe that this intelligence is the product of millions of years of natural selection. But the extremely fast learning ability of the bee puts in doubt the millions of years and instead shows the hand of the Creator.

Researchers at Princeton University decided to find out whether bees were smart enough to find their food source if it was moved. The researchers moved the prime food source fifty meters farther from the hive. It took the bees less than one minute to locate the moved food source. The men then moved the food source another fifty meters away. The bees still took less than a minute to find the food source. Two more moves, each a precise fifty meters, produced the same results.

However, the bees had also been studying the researchers. Before the researchers could move the food another fifty meters, they found the bees had discovered the pattern and were already waiting at the new location!

God is our Creator and has clearly left evidence of His handiwork - His fingerprints - in the creation itself. For those who have eyes to see, this fills us with wonder, and yes, with love for the Creator God who first loved us.

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth the ...creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind; and it was so.” - - Genesis 1:24