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Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

December 1, 2015

To our beloved brethren in Christ Jesus who serve and worship Him and live in the city of Lakeside. It is our desire before God that you be blessed with the love, peace and

knowledge of the Good Lord.

Brethren, today I mark a new chapter in my life. This morning Martha and I visited the Social Security office in El Centro. In March of next year I will be 66 years of age and eligable for full retirement benefits. We estimate I will be receiving a little under what I am currently receiving from three churches, about 1,100.00 per month. Paying into social security privately has been quite a job. We had to excerise plenty of self-control in order to send the payments every three months which was about 17 to 20% of our monthly support. Believe me sometimes I felt that I was being eaten up! I look back and I ask myself how we did it? On the 15th of December, I will be placing my application for social security benifits. I will still have to work in order to stay above water. I will be asking for some advise from you in this. I know many preachers who opted not to pay into social security but my choice was to pay. Believe me sometimes I wondered if I did the right thing.

The work here in Mexicali continues to move forward. The church is steady in its spiritual growth even if our numbers are not impressive. We continue to have visitors to our services. This past month, Brother Andres Hernandez finished with the book of Galatians and Brother Jesus Uribe began his teaching from the Book of Malachi.

On Wednesday evenings we are one study away from finishing with the Book of Zechariah. It has been a facinating study, especially for me. The study kept me meditating on the meanings of the visions until the very end.. even to the last sentence of the book. I was not looking for a mysterious or apocalyptic meaning to the symbols or visions. I just wanted to make sense of what the prophet was seeing in relationship with the coming of the King into Jerusalem. That was the future of that place that at the time of Zechariah was in ruins. I am happy and satisfied with my understanding of the book.

Our classes have resumed again with our friends who are barely getting to know who the Lord Jesus is. They present a sense of respect for the Lord even though they have not taken the step to become His disciples. Classes continue with Jose Angel and Rosa Leyva. We are in the 15th chapter of Mark. The classes had been canceled due to my becoming ill first with the Typhoid last month and the flu in November. It has taken a while for my stomach to get back to normal. We just don't bounce back like we used to.

Our classes with Isela and family continue. We have seen a change in Don Jesús. He is now thanking God for my visits and for the care we are showing to them. Isela has been severely handicapped by MS and is bedridden. She has shown a very good attitude but we know that she has her moments of dispair. The Lord look into our hearts that we desire the salvation of these people.

In Calexico the sisters are there for Sunday service. We are now at the end Romans chapter Three. We will be starting to meet during the week this coming Friday to continue with the study of Zechariah.

One of our recently baptized sisters, Vanessa Gomez had a spiritual relapse of sorts. After being baptized, she disappeared for a few months. After asking for her, a close friend of hers told us she had gone back to the Catholic church. Well, she came back very strong and has been very attentive and helpful. She is a changed person. I guess sometimes you have to muddle in darkness to appreciate the light. Her husband has been attending our services when he is in town. He is a soldier stationed here in Mexicali.

One of our running buddies, Joseluis Rivas has shown an interest in spiritual matters. He is a Catholic by birth, his whole family is Catholic but he is not a Catholic in heart. He, like his family are good people. They believe in the respect for law. Since he has never inquired into spiritual things, he is very confused. Also, a friend of Brother Uribe has been visiting our services. His name is Jorge Gonzalez.

This month we had our Autumn meeting. Brother Enrique Cisneros from Hermosillo came up and preached from the 18th throught the 22nd of November. His wife Sister Graciela came with him. We had good attendence and several visitors. Isela was brought by her mother and her father. That was very encouraging to us. They hope to continue to make the Wednesday evening class whenever possible. Also, another friend of Brother Uribe and Vanessa´s husband made it to three of the meetings. Brother Cisneros is a very gifted speaker and the time just flew by.

Well beloved, that was our work for the past month. Keep us in your prayers.

Your brother in Christ,

Raymond Gonzalez