"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Oct.3, 2015


   From the Gonzalez Family in Mexicali to our beloved in Lakeside. The Good Lord bless each of you. Every day we ask our Heavenly Father to bless His People throughout the world. We pray that His People remember Him and what He has done for His fallen creation. We thank God for allowing us to work in His field and you for having chosen us to help preach the Word in this part of the world. It was great to be with you last Sunday.


   The brethren here in Mexicali faithfully meet every Sunday to remember the Lord Jesus who gave Himself for us. We take the opportunity to study from His Word. Brother Andres Hernandez is now in Galatians 5 as the teacher. After the study we congregate again to remember the sacrifice as we eat the unleavened bread and then drink from the cup as we do as the Lord asked. We shall do this until the day we leave this body or until the Lord returns.

   Our classes are back on course with Angel and Rosa. We are now in Mark 15. This is the first time in their lives that they have exposed themselves to the Word of God. I love to see Rosa taking notes and marking her Bible. She is very aware that in all that we have read and studied from the Gospel of Mark, nothing is said about another one coming except the Comforter (Gospel of John). Jesus spoke of the prophets as messengers of God sent to speak of the coming of the Messiah. The gospels do not speak of Mary, Peter or any other person except Jesus as the Mediator between God and men! Even the coming of the "Comforter" was to give testimony of Jesus (Rev.19:10). Once we get to Mark 16:15-16, we will see what their reaction will be. We hope and pray that they choose "salvation" at that time.

    Our class with Isela and her parents also looks promising. They are catholic, but were never very religious. Now as we read and study, concern is starting to build up. We constantly run into scriptures that deal with Jesus healing someone. Since Isela is ill with MS, Dora will always ask; "why will God not heal my daughter" and I tell her with much tenderness; "obviously because He does not want too..".  I explain that it may be that the Lord has chosen to be glorified with "Isela" as a victim of this terrible disease. It never crossed Dora´s mind to visit or help someone with this illness, but now she is much more sensitive to the plight of others.

    The class with Rosie Lopez continues well. We have invited her husband, Joshua, to join us but he has refused. A couple of years ago Joshua wanted to become a "missionary" but then he got married and for some reason his faith began to fade. His family are members of the apostolic church and he insists that God still has "healers" in the church. We tell him that we are not against a man healing the sick. The world saw the "power" of the apostles, even unbelievers could not deny the power, but what do we see in the "apostolic church"?  Nothing.


    On Wednesday evenings, we are now in Zechariah 12. The first 11 chapters have been relatively challenging, I personally love it. We have been able to present the symbolisms with much care always trying to keep the symbols or prophecies within the historical background.  But now in Chapter 12, we have been seriously challenged. This I love because it makes me scratch and scratch and the Lord has promised that if we "ask, seek and knock, we will be answered, we will find and it shall be opened to us". So far we are satisfied with our understanding of the symbols.


   In Calexico, the sisters continue to meet on Sunday mornings. In our Study of Romans, we are still in Chapter 1. We have not met during the week due to the severe heat we have had this summer. Last Sunday, September the 27th, we still had a record hot day for the month. I was stunned to see the temperature hit 110! Only yesterday did we start enjoying a nice cool 98 degrees.  Today it will be 96.  On Thursday evenings last year I was crossing the border at 5:30 p.m. and the temperatures were in the 110s. Standing in line at the border to cross took a toll on me so we decided to hold off this year. We will soon start our Thursday evening classes again.


    We ask for your prayers in behalf of Sister Gloria Vargas. She represents many women in Mexico and in the world. She was diagnosed with a lesion behind her left eye. She started suffering from vertigo about a month ago and she finally got to see a specialist who ordered a cat-scan. The doctor asked her if she had ever been hit on the head. Her reply was; "yes, many times by my mother and then later by my husband". The doctor told her that those blows to her head had caused internal injuries that are now like scars that get inflamed and cause the vertigo. She will not be able to attend our worship services for a while but we will be visiting her at least once a week. She lives about 9 miles from our meeting place and has to take the bus when she is well.


    Well beloved, thank you for your help. The Good Lord bless you.


                                                Your brother in His service,


                                                                                    Raymond Gonzalez