"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

August 4, 2015


   To our beloved in the Lord who serve Him and congregate in the city of Lakeside. The Lord be with each of you.


   Beloved, these last two months have been very busy for us. Apart from our work in the House of God, we are getting ready for our yearly visit to our daughters and families. This means we must pay ahead for all of our services. Also we hire someone to look after our house because of the thieves here. The new neighbors across the street got their first lesson about 4 days after moving in. Some thieves broke into the house and stole the copper tubing by simply tearing off the pipes. The water must have run for about 4 hours. It is so sad and disheartening to see so much corruption and lawlessness in this country. Keep us in your prayers.


    The brethren here in Mexicali are striving to reach the goal of Eternal life. Like all in the world, we have our particular challenges, but not that much different from those in other places. We thank God that we are not persecuted for our faith by the government. In our homes, some of the brethren are ridiculed or mistreated by family members for "abandoning" the faith of their parents, but nothing physical.

    On Sundays, we are now in Galatians chapter 4. Brother Andres Hernandez is doing a fine job of guiding us and with much respect receives correction. He is only 20 and this is the first time he has a class this long. On Wednesday evenings we are now getting into Zechariah chapter 10. It has been a great class for me. I am teaching the brethren by repetition. I keep telling them that no matter where you read in the Bible, it is the same story. Learn the story and you will have no problems no matter where you read. "Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... 400 years in Egypt.. 300 years with Judges.. 120 years united kingdom.. divided kingdom.. Israel goes into captivity.. Judah goes to Babylon for 70 years.. they return to rebuild the temple... after 400 years, Jesus comes and fulfills all..". It is the story of God's plan of salvation working in this history.

    In Calexico, we are treating the sisters with more time in the Lord like "babes in Christ" (I Cor.3:1). They have been Christians for many years, but I don't see an urgency to learn the will of God in depth. They are stuck with the basics and if they are going to learn anything else, the preacher has to teach them. There is hardly any personal Bible study or very little personal reading. On Sundays we are about to finish the Book of Hebrews. They confess that they had never read about the tabernacle. How are we going to understand the Book of Hebrews without an idea of the temple or tabernacle. I give them homework, but they are too busy making ends meet. The new sister is the one who catches the thoughts quickly because she is not satisfied reading a verse or two. She likes to read the chapters before and after the verse.


   Our class with Jose Angel and Rosa has gotten more exciting. It turns out that Rosa's husband, suddenly got religious.  Some people from the "Light of the World" church convinced him that the "servant of the Lord"  (another Joseph Smith), a man who lives like a king in Guadalajara, is the latter day "chosen of God". He became very fanatical and told Rosa that if she did not convert to "his religion" that she would have to leave the house. She did. She moved in with her daughter. When her husband found himself alone, he asked her to come back. She told him that she did not believe in that so-called "Messiah" in Guadalajara and that she would not go with him. This has added more interest to our classes since she wants to know what the Bible says about Jesus, God's only Chosen.

Our class with Dora and Isela Lara is coming along slowly. Isela is now bedridden, she has severe MS, but mentally is very sharp. Her mother Dora hears the Word with interest, seeking to hear something that will giver her hope of her daughters cure. I am amazed at both of them. Dora tends to her daughter all the love of a mother. Isela on the other hand has accepted her illness and is as patient and resigned as anyone I have seen. Sometimes I feel that I could not cope with an illness that has basically put her down. We pray for her.


   This past month we also started a class with Sister Rosie Lopez. She married a young man who has a Pentecostal background. Rosie started attending that Pentecostal church with her husband, but having heard the Word in its purity, she could see and hear the difference, not between the "church of Christ" and Pentecostal church, but between the TRUTH and man's teaching. She asked us for class to prepare herself more for what is

coming. Her husband has allowed her to attend with us. He is very respectful with us but has never visited our classes. He is not closed to the Word, but at this time he would rather see. His family is all involved in the Pentecostal church and this is new to him. We hope that Rosie will be able to teach him (I Peter 3:1-6).


   Very well brethren, this is our report. We received several letters by email from Cuba thanking you for helping us and them.


    The Good Lord bless you in your love and knowledge of His Son.


                                                In Christ,

                                                                   Raymond Gonzalez