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Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

April 3, 2015

To our Family in Christ who worship and serve the Lord in the city of Lakeside: Greetings, peace and love from your Family in Mexicali. It is our prayer that the Lord grant you love and knowledge of God our Father and His Son Jesus the Christ. It was a treat being with you last Sunday. Thank you for your comments.

With pleasure we make our report. To begin, we can not wait to let you know that we have a new child of God in our midst. On Thursday the 26th of March, Mrs. Vanessa Hernandez Gomez gave God the glory and confessed her faith in Jesus the Christ. Sister Sofia has been speaking to Vanessa for over two years. Both are married to men in the Mexican Army so their problems are common and they spend a lot of time together. Sister Sofie has shared her faith and the Seed of the Kingdom has sprouted to give forth His fruit. The Lord is pleased with such work. Vanessa has two young boys, Jonatan is 8 and Brando is 4. We are rejoicing with the angels of God because another sinner has turned her life over to Christ.

The work in Mexicali continues as it should. Our Lord Jesus is remembered as a group as we eat and drink in His memory. While congregated, we study the Word. Brother Jesus Uribe finished his class on the miracles of Exodus. Now Brother Andres Hernandez will be teaching from the Book of Galatians. On Wednesday evening we are now in Zachariah Chapter 3.

In Calexico, our study from Hebrews continues well. I insist that in order to understand his Book, we must have at least a basic understanding of the Tabernacle, the giving of the Law at Sinai and the history behind them. So far so good! On Thursday evenings we are also in Zachariah.

Our classes with our friends continue very well. With Rosa Alma and Jose Angel, sister and brother of Brother Juan Leyva, the interest is increasing. We must be patient. At first, several times the children or something would interrupt the class. Now, we meet at the far end of the house and orders are given not to disturb us. Also, Alma Rosa has begun asking more and more questions. She is a very shy person, but she has gained the confidence to ask when in doubt. Juan and I just love it.

This past month Martha has been on a Lupus treatment. She started having some flare-ups since last year. She went to her doctor and was given a complete check up and all the lab work. She came out fairly well. She is on a diet and is taking a bunch of medicines, but only for about a month. She is doing better but we think that all of those medicines are having some secondary effects. Martha was diagnosed as a Lupus patient about 14 years ago.

On the 10th of March I pick up our newly wedded Brother Glauco Gonzalez. He was down in El Salvador preaching and helping a brother build his house. While down there he got married. The sister´s name is Martha! God bless them.

This past month two people told me that they were interested in the Word of God. I was so pleased. One lives very close to us and the other one is a friend. Sadly, when I gave them some "homework" (read parts of the Bible) they can´t find the time. I´m not giving up just yet, but this is very common. We have the time for everything under the sun, except to give time to God and our souls.

Our daughter April got a nice gift for her birthday. Her mother in law bought her a roundtrip ticket from Portland, Oregon to San Diego. Martha and I enjoyed our baby for a whole week! It is so hard to have your children move away so far. We thank Mrs. McKenny for the gift.

Brethren, Mike and I are planning a trip to Cuba this coming June. We will be down there for two weeks. The tickets are about 700.00 dollars round trip. The most expensive item on our list is the rental car. I will be needing at least 3,000.00 to cover my part. I realize that is a bit high, but we will be going down as tourists and we will be needing a rental car. That is where the bulk of the funds will go. We would also like to take down a couple of boxes of antibiotics and pain relievers, such as Tylenol and Excedrin. Sometimes, just a couple of these do wonders. Where we are going, people have little access to quality medicines. A little bottle of aspirin, the good stuff, is hard to find. We have tried and nothing.

We have not visited the brethren down there for about 5 years and we need to go down there to see how they are. Brother Jaime from El Salvador has been going to Cuba two years in a row and he pleaded with me to make a visit.

That is all for now beloved. The Lord keep you.

Your brother in Christ,

Raymond Gonzalez

Vanessa Hernandez being baptized into Christ