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Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

March 3, 2015

Greetings in the Lord to our beloved in Christ who live and worship together the Almighty in the city of Lakeside: Peace and love of God from your brethren in Mexicali and Calexico. With each prayer we thank you for your support of our labors here in the border area and beyond.

This past month we were blessed with a Gospel meeting we held here in Mexicali. Brother Darrell Beane from Renton, Washington State came down and presented 7 lessons on "A Strong Church". We had visitors every night. We are now in the process of following up on them. One couple came every night except one. Our total visitors was 12 individuals. We are having classes with 3 of them already so things are looking up this year. Some of these visitors had never been to a "protestant" service before.

The church in Calexico faithfully meets on Sunday to remember the Lord's death. We take the opportunity to read and study from the Word of God. On Sundays we are in the 9th chapter of Hebrews and on Thursday evenings we are in the last chapter of Jonah. Mr. Andres Ramirez, husband of Sister Karen is now attending our classes. He has got himself a Bible and is starting to read it. He is very intelligent, level headed and is quick to grasp the meaning of the Word. Another relative, Jaime Hernandez, brother in the flesh of Sister Margarita Quen, is also attending our Thursday evening classes.

In Mexicali we are about to start new classes. On Sundays, we are about to finish our study on the miracles found Exodus. Brother Jesus Uribe will be finishing up his class and Brother Andres will be teaching the Sunday class. On Wednesday evening class we are now starting our class on Zachariah as preparatory to our study of Revelation.

We got to visit the church in Tecate twice in February. The church is doing well, but much growth and evangelism is needed. Our Brother Glauco Gonzalez who is currently in El Salvador has tried just about everything to get them moving. He is not shy about relating his frustration, but if there was ever a patient man, its Glauco. He will be returning to the States on the 10th.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that God's Word is not in any sense a mystery, but a clear revelation of His will. I say this because too many brethren believe they can not understand the Bible unless someone teaches them. I agree to a certain point, but the Word of God is for His creation to understand and be saved. We read a passage; "Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold" (Exodus 20:23). Why should we have to spend so much time explaining what God means here? Our minds have been corrupted so much that we have a complex. Some brethren do not want to study the Bible at home on their own because they are afraid they will misunderstand it. My question was; "what is so hard to understand here?" I'm not running out of patience, only trying to open the eyes to those who open their Bibles only on Sundays. A local congregation is only as knowledgeable as the members are.. not the preacher.

Martha and I want to thank all of the brethren who we know pray for us. Our health is good. Martha's Lupus has acted up a bit but the doctor said it was normal. The doctor was surprised to see Martha in such good health yet had her get some lab tests done. Martha has cut down on her work. She feels she can not take a full time job at this time, taking all things in consideration, she is doing very well.

Our classes with outsiders continue. At this time we have class with Angel and Rosa Leyva. They are brother and sister in the flesh and hopefully in the Lord soon. Also our class with Alejandro continues. He and his girlfriend came to the gospel meeting and now we want to get his girlfriend to attend our home Bible study we have with Alex.

Our class with Isela Lara has been on and off. She has MS and her parents are taking her to get physical therapy every day. Since it is a government subsidized service, they don't have to pay. When they return, they are pretty tired and hungry. I was able to squeeze in a couple of visits this past month.

Well, now that I will turn 65, I've gotten a lot of mail from the AARP, Medicare and a couple of funeral homes. I must decide before June on a supplemental plan (Plan B). I have been lazy about this but now I have to get on it.

Brethren, in behalf of the church here in Mexicali, we request your prayers for the leaders of this country. Mexicali has been a relatively safe city but of late we are seeing more and more violence. The people have lost the little trust of the police they had. I do not blame them. Seems like no one is interested in converting this country into a more or less law abiding society. There is fraud at every level of government. We pray for a return of conscience to the people of Mexico.

That is all for now beloved and if the Lord allows, we will see you at the end of the month.

Your brother in His service,

Raymond Gonzalez