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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

February 3, 2015

From your family in Mexicali to our family in Christ that serves the Lord in the city of Lakeside, greetings. In behalf of so many brethren here and in other places, we thank you for the support in our efforts to teach people about God.

This past month was one of illness for Martha and I. We had escaped the flu though November and December, but it got us in January. I suffered for 10 days and finally went to get 3 shots and that did it. It took another week to finally get back on track, but it did cut into our work. Also at the beginning of the month, I stepped into a pot hole where I jog. It effected my right leg all the way from my foot to my hip. My right knee was swollen for a week and I hobbled around like an old man. I guess that is what I am now. I just got a letter from Medicare reminding me that I have till June to decide if I'm going to get "Part B" of Medicare. Now Martha and I are educating ourselves on all this since I'll be 65 soon. And to top it all off, Martha fell down two weeks ago. We are grateful to God that aside from a bruised left shoulder, nothing more. So both of us have been taking care of each other. Today we went to the Laboratory. Martha is going to get a complete checkup to see where she is with the Lupus. In November we finished our study of the Book of Ecclesiastes, so we fit right in with the last chapter. We thank our God for He has been good to us.

The church in Mexicali pushes on as the Lord expects from us. Brother Jesus Uribe is teaching from the Book of Exodus on Sundays. Slowly but surely we see improvement in his presentation of the Word and that brings great satisfaction to all of us. He has listened to our suggestions and is following our advice. On Wednesday evenings we are now in the last chapter of Jonah. Our next assignment for Wednesday evening class will be the Book of Revelation.

In Calexico, the little church also prods on. On Sundays we are in Hebrews Chapter 9 and on Thursdays we are in Jonah 3. We are putting a little pressure on them to set aside time during the week to read and meditate on God's Word. We realize that this world has us extremely tied up with things we consider of paramount importance, such as providing an education for our children as well as entertainment and things of that nature. Very little time is left for our Lord and His work.

Our classes with Jose and Alma Rosa continue very well. Brother Juan and I were pleased to hear Alma tell her daughter not to bother her while we are having the class. A couple of times they tried to get her away from the class and she just ignored them.

Classes with Isela and her mother Dorita also go well. In a couple of weeks, we will be starting a class from the Gospel of Mark or Matthew. Pray for me brethren that I will be humble and patient with all the people that we study with.

Our running friend Alejandro is back in Mexicali after a two month visit to see his parents. We will now begin where we left off with him. Since he is not working at nights anymore, we also hope to see him at our services.

This month we were able to get a class going with a lady that sells tacos close to where we have our morning cup of coffee every other day. I simply asked her if she had ever read or studied the Bible. She said that she had a Bible but that she hardly picked it up because she can not understand it. We offered to help her and she said: "Ok"! I told her, "your first assignment will be Genesis chapter 1". She replied; "you mean to tell me that you will expect me to read the entire Bible?". Well, that is how we start sometimes. We hope and pray that after she tastes the pure milk of the Word, that she will desire even more.

Brother Glauco Gonzalez is in El Salvador. He left on the 6th of January and will be down there until the 17 of March. He is down there helping a brother build his house and at the same time staying busy preaching. Some rumors have filtered back to us that Brother Glauco is going to marry a sister from down there. Well, the Lord bless them with happiness and long life. We are visiting the church in Tecate once a month.

Until next month beloved. The Lord be with you.

Your brother in His service,

Raymond Gonzalez