"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

January 9, 2015

God bless you our beloved brethren in Lakeside. May the Good Lord grant you love, joy and peace in His Son, our King and Savior.

As we see and read the news I am grateful to our God who needs no one to defend Him. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. All power has been given to Him. Oh how the world needs to know this. When unbelievers mock or belittle our Lord with blasphemous cartoons, we pray for them. When someone does not want to hear His gospel, we merely "shake the dust from our shoes". That's it! We will come around again and maybe next time they will want to hear. It is not right to poke fun at someone's god, but if he or she is a god, they can defend themselves (Judges 6:31). Jesus does not need us hurting people for Him. His Word is Powerful! Our job is to present Jesus as King, not our doctrine or our church, but Jesus as the Messiah. As the violence is broadcast from Paris, let all men see the dangers of man's vanity and idolatry. "Freedom of speech" is going to cost man some blood if they think they can belittle someone's god. On the other hand, if your god gives you permission to take up "the sword" to defend him, then he is no god. Jehovah, our God did not need anyone to rescue Him from the Philistines, because He is God (I Samuel 5 and 6)! Praise Him.

The report is late because we have been super busy. We had our granddaughter Zoe Isabel with us since the 1st of the year. Also, Sister Bessy and Brother Rafael, grandchildren of our late Brother Hugo Luna are visiting us. They spent a weekend with the brethren in El Centro. On Monday we took them to San Diego where they took a flight to Reno. There Brother Dane Bengard will be taking them to Chester for a week.

The sister (Malena) that was staying with us has gone back home with her husband and we had to pack and take her stuff back to Tecate. She did not leave in a good mood. Martha and I are convinced that she needs mental care and that her husband is not the "bad man" she claims he is. She was with us for 2 months and we were able to notice some obvious flaws in her behavior. We are now trying to get her family to get her to a mental clinic where she can receive help. We fear for her and especially her son Sabastian. We ask for your prayers.

Also, Brother Glauco Gonzalez flew out from Los Angeles on Tuesday bound for El Salvador. He will be down there for 2 months! He is going down there to help a brother build his house. The church has been meeting in his home for about 25 years and it has always been our desire to help him build a brick house. Glauco fell in love with the brethren there and since 2010 has been planning and saving for this effort. I support him 100% on this. Glauco depends on me to take care of all the transportation and planning.

O.k. now Zoe is with her other grandparents.. Malena and Sebastian are back home.. Bessy and Rafael are in Chester.. the house is terribly quiet! Too quiet?

In the midst of all this, we did not discontinue our classes with outsiders and even though Christmas day and New Years fell on Wednesdays, we had our classes with Alma Rosa and Jose Angel. Brother Juan Leyva is very happy that his sister and brother are hearing the Word. You can see the pleasure in his face as we sit down and read from God's Word. He is a little pushy because he wants them to obey as soon as possible, so do I.

Our good friend Alejandro is back from a 7 week trip to see his parents. we hope to start back with him soon. Our classes with Isela and Dora Lara move along very well. Isela had a slight set back last month. She fell again and busted her nose and opened up another gash on her head. We are now thinking about putting a helmet on her.

The church here in Mexicali is now in Exodus 17. Brother Uribe says he will teach up to about chapters 25. He does not feel qualified to take on the rest of the book. His class from Exodus is primarily the miracles.. the plagues.. the parting of the red sea.. the 40 years in the desert. After he finishes, either Brother Andres or I will take the class. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Jonah chapter 2. Great book on God's Mercy and on man's negative will.

In Calexico, the sisters congregate faithfully every Sunday. We are now in Hebrews 7 and we will beginning the book of Jonah with them on Thursday s.

While Brother Glauco Gonzalez is gone, we will be filling in for him in Tecate each 1st Sunday of February and March. We realize we are getting to the point where we won't be able to do this anymore, but while the Good Lord gives us time and health we will gladly spend His bodies this way.

Very well our beloved.. that is our life at this time. The Good Lord bless each of you.

Your brother in His service,

Raymond Gonzalez