"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Dec. 2, 2014

To our beloved in the Lord who love and fear the God of Heaven and earth who meet to worship in the city of Lakeside. May the good Lord bless you with the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Greetings from us and the church in Mexicali and Calexico.

In Mexicali the church meets on the 1st day of the week to remember the One who gave Himself for us. In our Sunday class we have entered the Red Sea with Israel (Exodus 14). One thing is bubbling up as we read. Not only the power of God, but His patience and mercy He has for a rebellious doubting people. Brother Jesus Uribe is teaching the class. He freely admits that he needs our help and because of that there is very good participation.

On Wednesday evenings, we are just about to finish with the Book of Ecclesiastes. We are now in the last 7 verses of the Book. Now that we are finishing up the book, seems the brethren have finally gotten some of the basic points the Preacher wants to convey. One point that came out very clearly is that there is a time for everything. Sometimes we have "bad days". We are reminded that we need to "rejoice" in the good time and "learn" in the evil day, for as Job says; "shall we not receive evil?" (Job 2:10).

In Calexico things continue to get better. We have not had but one baptism since we began the classes and service. But it is the change of heart in sisters who have been in the Lord for a good long time. There are about 15 brothers and sisters in Calexico and for a lack of growing in the Lord, they are stuck in the basics and bitterness. They continue to pass over the more important things of God, love, faith and mercy. Some will not join us because "we have accepted sinners".  I sometimes think that these brethren would rather see our brethren still wallowing in sin than to see them congregating and singing to their Saviour. These sisters in Calexico are now fully ready to "forget the past" and start anew, forgiving all the damage done. I praise God for going into their hearts and tearing down these fortresses of evil.

      Our classes with outsiders do not cease. Our class with Isela Lara is now being joined by her mother, Dorita. It used to be that she would enter and leave the class because of this and that, and she is a very busy woman. She is doing all she can to keep Isela well (She has MS in a severe state). Lately she has sat down and has not left the room. She told me last week "that is all very beautiful and great, but is there something there specifically for me"?  We had just finished reading and explaining Eccl.12:1-7.  I replied: Are you ready for the day when your "spirit" returns to Him Who gave it?  She said, "no and I can´t leave yet while my daughter needs me". I think I anticipated her next comment and told her; "seems cruel if it did happen, but time has been given to you and we are here now listening to the Lord telling us that there is a time to be born and a time to die. We know when we were born, but no one knows the "day of death". Many people die with much still to be done, but it is their time to "fly away". May that enter her heart to consider.

Our visits with Jose Angel and Rosa Alma go very well. As we reported last month, these two persons are brother and sister in the flesh of Brother Juan Leyva. They are bordering on the extreme level of poverty. Jose Angel had a disabling auto accident about 13 years ago. He suffered a stroke a couple of months ago and that opened a door for us. He had already been reading the Bible with Juan, but this latest "setback" as they call it, has opened the door even more for spiritual attention. We are visiting them on Wednesday mornings. The Colonia where they live is known for hard core gang activity so I am told not to go in there without Juan and definitely not at night.

Our good running friend Alex Choza has gone south to his native state. He is running from problems that will still be here when and if he comes back. One good thing is that he took with him a hunger for the Word. Before he left he had some spiritual questions.

Brethren, continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

We are looking forward to being with you soon.

Very well our beloved, that is all for now. The Good Lord bless each of you.

Your brother in Christ,

Raymond Gonzalez