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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Nov. 3, 2014

To our beloved in the Lord who meet every 1st Day of the week in the city of Lakeside, to remember Him who gave Himself for us in pleasing His Heavenly Father, Jesus the Christ. It is with joy that we report our efforts here in the Mexicali area. The Good Lord bless you with all of His blessings in His Son.

This past month has been one of good expectations. We had some visitors to our worship and Wednesday evening classes and that always cheers us up. The work here has always been tough, I imagine it is the same all over the world, but very few people are willing to consider leaving this sin filled world in favor of following a Holy God. A
neighbor of Sister Martita Acosta has decided to give the Lord a try. She has never attended a "protestant" or as they call us here a "halleluiahs" church. She was impressed with the good will we have one to another and the calmness of our Bible studies. Her name is Dońa Monserrat. Another visitor this past month was Jesús Coronado, husband of Sister Gloria Vargas. Also, Mario Borboa, husband of Sister Sandra Borbón.

Brother Juan Leyva has been visiting and teaching his brother and sister in the flesh. Their names are Jose Angel and Alma Rosa. We have started a class with them on Wednesday mornings. We count ourselves blessed by the Lord to have these classes. It is always a joy to see the eyes being opened to the truth. That is what happens when people open up to God and pay attention to His Word.

Our classes with Isela Lara and Alex Choza continue. The Good Lord keeps us busy in this good work that we share in (Phil.4:17).

The church in Mexicali is now in Exodus 12 on Sundays and in chapter 12 of Ecclesiastes on Wednesday evening. In Calexico we are now in Hebrews 4 on Sundays and in Ecclesiastes 10 on Thursday evenings.

This month we said our goodbyes to Sister Susana Tapia Martinez. She found us in the summer of 1989. She is one of the most enthusiastic sisters we have come to know. She is the mother of 15 children, 3 of which have already passed away. Sister Susana is 87 years of age and has suffered from severe asthma most of her life. That is the reason why she migrated from Monterey to Mexicali. Of late she was no long able to attend our services but we knew where her spirit was at every meeting. Since breaking her hip three years ago, she has had to stay indoors. Her children in Monterey have been begging her to return to them and she finally decided to go. She told us that if her asthma starts up again, "I´m coming back". We pray she has good health over there so she can be with her children. Sadly, but not uncommon, only one of her children is attending a church in Monterey, the rest are skeptics and Catholics. All had been baptized in Christ, but all except one has left the Lord and the church.

Very well beloved, Martha and I send all of you our greetings.

Your brother in Christ,

Raymond Gonzalez