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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Oct.3, 2014

From your family in Christ in the city of Mexicali to our brethren in the city of Lakeside, greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ. In our homes and in our gatherings we pray the Good God bless you with the blessing in Christ Jesus. We pray that you grow in the love and knowledge of our Savior.

Concerning the churches here in Mexicali and in Calexico, both continue in the things of the Lord. The church in Mexicali is at peace. We have had our times of trouble, but for the most part we are a happy and peaceful congregation, small in comparison to most of the churches we visit in the United States, but about average with Spanish speaking churches. Martha and I are encouraged by the love one towards another. Our hearts are filled with appreciation when we see the concern and help that one gives to the other in their relative poverty. I say relative poverty because I keep reminding the brethren here and in El Salvador, that we have homes, we have food, we have cloths, we have autos, we have television sets and two or three cell phones, our children are being taught to read and write. Most of their possessions are “second hand”, but we do have them. In all things we try to support each other in times of stress and the Lord has granted much peace to us. To Him be the praise and the glory.

In our Bible studies, we are in the Book of Exodus, chapter 10. Brother Jesus Uribe has been teaching the class. He is very open to comments and correction. Since this is the second time he teaches a class of this size, he asks for all the help he can get. The Lord bless him he gets a lot of cooperation even from members that are usually very quiet in class. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Ecclesiastes 10. It has been a tough class for some of the members because it is not history like the Book of Exodus. It has taken some of the brethren some time to understand the “proverbs” in Ecclesiastes. I try to break them down to bite size pieces so they can learn. That is when it gets good and funny. I try to use home and work situations to get the points across and it seems to be working because when they laugh, it means they understood. I believe the Book of Ecclesiastes is teaching us that joyful living “under the sun” is a challenge, but that is what God expects from us. In this world of injustices, vanity and labor, whatever we do, let us do it with all of our might because we were created by Jehovah. But remember, whatever you do, whatever you accumulate, you leave it here. “All is vanity, but the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope” (Rom.8:20). The secret to “enjoy life under the sun” is to “fear God and keep His commandments”.

The work in Calexico is relatively new and we are now trying to get the sisters to meet the challenge of getting the gospel out to their family, neighbors and friends. On Sunday mornings we are now in Matthew Chapter Three.

Our classes with outsiders continue. We visit, we teach and we wait. At present we have classes with 3 outsiders. One of them stated a while back that she did not believe in God, now she is not sure. She hesitates to mention God in her thankfulness to us for visiting, but she does ask us to pray for her daughter Isela. This world can harden our hearts to the point that the “seed” falls on hard ground. But we do not lose hope for we have the most powerful instrument that can cut our souls asunder. We remind ourselves that God created the “darkness” and that He “commanded the light to shine out of darkness” (II Cor.4:6).

When we returned from our trip to Canada, a young mother and her son were waiting for us. She has decided to move to Mexicali from Tijuana. She was living under a very tough situation. About 5 months ago she had visited us and told us of her problems at home. Her husband was physically abusing her and emotionally abusing her son. We told her that if she needed a place to live while she got her life going in the right direction, that we would help her. Obviously her husband did not care much about changing. We have known this sister since 2012. She stayed with us while she was going to college, a little wild back then but now a very dedicated mother who has had enough of physical abuse by an admitted alcoholic. The little boy´s name is Sebastian and he is need of a lot of help. He has a physical deformity that has required two reconstructive surgeries and this coming November one more. They are very painful but the little guy needs these surgeries. This sister´s name is Marialena Garcia and she has already got a job and does all she can to help us. We told her that we are willing to help her but that we needed some authority to discipline Sebastian. She told us that that was the reason why she came to us. When she was here with us 12 years ago, she knew that we had rules and that we enforced them and discipline was meted out. She did not forget that but she also remembered the peace we had at home. With that, we welcomed her and with God´s help they will prosper here in harmony and happiness. So far so good but it will take all of our patience and wisdom to weather the storm. One of the beautiful things about this is how the Lord is using his people to help Marialena. The sisters here immediately came to her to offer their help. That was God at work.

Well beloved, that is all for now. The weather changed all of a sudden on the 26th of August. It was sweltering hot that day, then in the evening it rained hard, the wind came down from the north and the next day it was cool! It has been beautiful since. Weather down here governs much of our time and activities during the summer.

The Lord bless you beloved. Hope to see you soon, your brother in Christ,

Raymond Gonzalez