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Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Sept.2, 2014

To all of our brethren in Christ in Lakeside who believe in the hope of the resurrection. Greetings from the saints in Mexicali.

We pray the Good Lord has been thanked by His people in all the world. We live in a time when being a Christian is openly criticized and our faith is being challenged. Let us not be ashamed to let His Light shine.

This past month was used up mostly in visiting our girls. As we have reported, our youngest daughter Clara, married a Canadian (Jacob Forman from British Columbia) in 2005 and our oldest one April, married Kristophor Carlson from the Portland area. We try to visit them once a year. Clara has two girls, Karina 5 and Yesenia 4 years of age. What can I say? I don´t think we will go anywhere except to see them on any of our time off. We start saving our pennies as soon as we come back home. We were with them from the 11th through the 28th. Both couples are doing very well and that is a comfort seeing they live so far away. We can only thank God for that. God has been good to us and we can only attribute that to our faith in Him.

The churches here in Mexicali and in Calexico continued as usual with the Sunday reunion to remember our Lord´s death, eating of the bread and drinking of the cup. The teaching was done by Brother Jesús Ayon and Brother Jesús Uribe. On one Sunday, my brother in Christ and in the Lord, Glauco Gonzalez came down and took both hours to teach from the Word.

We are happy to report that Mario Borboa Ayala is still recuperating from his still unknown illness. The doctors suspect a virus attack, but they have not been able to identify it. He is being weaned off of cortisone medication, but it seems that was the only medicine he responded too. Mr. Borbóa is the husband of Sister Sandra Borbon. We are all grateful for his continuing recovery. He still has to use a walker, but since coming back home he has been attending our services. We are now in a great position to have classes with him. The Lord grant him time to obey.

While in Clackamas where April lives, we were able to visit with Brother Mel Rose. He and his wife are now living in an assisted living facility. It is a very nice place, yet I felt a tremendous sense of sadness to see Brother Mel there. He is in fair health, having lost some vision due to his diabetes. He has a hard time reading his emails and has memory problems. He also has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Nevertheless he insists that it is his diabetes that is causing him problems. He had a fall about a month ago and he damaged his right eye. His glasses chattered and chards of lens got into his eye. He is going to have laser surgery to try and fix some of the damage. Mel is almost 86 years of age and taking into consideration all of his health problems, he looks good.

Mel has been supporting the Spanish speaking work for over 50 years! Though we differ on some doctrinal points (we all have differences), Mel never directed a divisive word to me. He is much loved in El Salvador and Cuba. He misses them.

Mel is responsible with getting help and support for preachers in El Salvador. During our trip to El Salvador last April, some of those saints asked me to speak to Mel because the help was not arriving regularly and they suspected something bad was going on. Mel confessed to me that indeed he was having trouble reading his emails and getting to and from the bank or the institution he is using to get the funds down there securely. Added to this, after the death of Hugo Luna, things got even harder at the other end of the line. We are not comfortable with one of the persons in charge and Mel wants me to try and fix this problem. I'm no spring chicken either, but I can still move about thanks to the good Lord, though I doubt I'll be as active as Mel when I'm older.

Since it is now very easy for a church to get the funds directly to the preacher, I will be instructing the treasurers of those churches how to do it. Actually, all they have to do is open a bank account with a bank that has a "service to a foreign country". Give them the name of the person and that is about it. The first transfer of funds is done there at the bank, after that it is done from the comfort of home!

We returned home to Mexicali on the 28th to find our home in good shape. There was a pretty strong thunderstorm the week before and the streets were flooded and that makes for more pot-holes, but other than that, no damage to our home. Our main concern is the thievery around here. We thank our Lord for taking care of us.

May our good Lord bless each of you with His love and knowledge of His Son, Jesus the Christ.

In His service,

Raymond Gonzalez

Our granddaughters Karina and Yesenia

Martha and I in Vernon BC

P.S. Daughter Clara and son in law Jacob live in Spallencheen, outside of Vernon.

Hope to see you on the 14th.