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Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

July 2, 2014

To our beloved in the Lord who faithfully help us to dedicate our time to the study and teaching of God's Word. The Good Lord bless you our brethren in Lakeside. That is our prayer in the Name of our Lord Jesus the Christ.

Beloved, the work goes forth with its up and its downs, but we try to enjoy the ups and grow with our downs. All in all, the Lord has blessed us. Our health is relatively good. Martha has her Lupus under control. She is still working 4 hours a week, but will probably be laid off completely soon. She has been like this for about 12 months, but the Good Lord has not left us without our daily bread. We are thankful. I have been doing some odd jobs here and there. Some days I'm a plumber and other days I'm a roofer. It helps to pay some of the bills. My blood pressure is steady after a slight episode.

Here in Mexicali we have finished up with First Peter. Brother Jesus Ayon did a good job. Now Brother Jesus Uribe will be teaching the Sunday Bible class and he will be teaching from the Book of Exodus. I'm happy that the brethren are taking their turns with the teaching. I continue with the Sunday sermons. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Ecclesiastes chapter seven. This book is challenging us.

In Calexico we are now just about finished with the Gospel of Matthew. We have slowed down as we entered the 27th chapter. On Thursday evenings we are also in the book of Ecclesiastes.

We have had visitors to our services and classes both in Calexico and in Mexicali. In Mexicali Sister Sofie del Soler has been doing a super job of speaking to her friends and neighbors about the Lord and God has blessed her. Two of Sofie's friends have come to our Bible classes. This month, Doņa Lolis and her children visited our Sunday service. With the return of Sister Margarita and her daughter Eli, our little meeting room gets full and we thank God that we are now rubbing shoulders with Godīs Family again.

I had reported that in February, Brother Miguel Angel Tejada had returned and was now a constant visitor. This past month, Miguel placed his membership with us. He confessed that after being baptized he was a little disappointed in how things were done in our worship services. He then visited other church groups and studied much with the Watch Tower Society. Indeed he was entertained, but he also felt an emptiness. He did not feel free in Christ and was shocked at their insistence of giving. He came back to us and has been a steady visitor, now he wants to be recognized as a part of the Family of God. When he enters the building, he likes to sit right up front so as to not miss a thing. That encourages us.

Our studies with Alejandro Choza and Isela Lara continue.


Brethren, with the temperatures averaging 110 degrees, we will be suspending our class in Calexico for the months of July and August. It is an hour or more wait to cross the border from Mexicali and our vehicles and us run the risk of overheating.


On the 16th of June, Mario Borboa, husband of Sister Sandra Borbon, fell ill with a fever of 103. He suffered a stroke and was taken into the intensive care unit in Brawley. For 6 days, his temperature remained high and there was a risk of brain damage. When we went in to see him, my impression was that he did not have long to live. The doctors did not know what he had and they ran many tests with no definite results. All the antibiotics and antiviral meds did not lower the fever. It looked like the end. He has been in the ICU now for 18 days and it looks like he might make it. They injected him with cortisone and it bought some time to identify the culprit. Nothing yet, but his temperature is down and he is back breathing on his own. The first thing this man asked for after being able to communicate with his hands.. was prayer from us. It took us a while to understand what he wanted, but we finally got the message. This man has lived a very rough life. He persecuted Sister Sandra for her faith, but she remained steady. In the most difficult days of Mario's illness, Sister Sandra would speak to him about the Lord and he would move his head in approval. We pray that his repentance is sincere and that the Lord grant him life to make good on his gestures of faith. May he confess with his mouth that Jesus is the Lord. He is not out of the woods yet, but the doctors say there is still hope. We pray.


Very well beloved, the Lord grant you peace, knowledge and love.


Your brother in Christ,

Raymond Gonzalez



New brother.. Miguel on bike

Sister Rosie and our friend Isela

Isela suffers from MS.