"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

June 4, 2014

From the Gonzalez Family in Mexicali to our beloved in the Lord who serve and live for Christ Jesus in the city of Lakeside. The Good Lord bless you.

After only 18 days in El Salvador, I came home and was not worth much the month of May. On our first trips to El Salvador, we would stay for a month or more, but now it seems like I can't handle too many days. I try to stay fit and do an average of 40 minutes of running every other day to have more energy, but it still took me about a month to get back to normal.

In Calexico, things continue with little progress in the area of evangelism or one on one studies with outsiders. Sister Rosalinda is trying very hard with her family but she is still a babe in Christ, nevertheless, she is preparing herself to teach others. It is refreshing to see a brother or sister with the zeal and the hunger for truth and righteousness. God bless her.

On Sunday mornings we are now in Matthew 27. On Thursday evenings we are in the Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 6.


In Mexicali our attendance is getting better with several visitors and brethren who have come back. Two sisters, mother and daughter are now regular visitors along with the daughter's husband. They are Margarita Lovio, her daughter Elizabet Figueroa and her husband Alfredo. Margarita Lovio and Elizabet were baptized into Christ about 8 years ago but after about 4 years they stopped attending. They live about 12 miles out of town and Sister Lovio can't drive. They have been coming steadily for the last 2 months. The Lord help them to stay the course.

On Sundays we are now in I Peter 5. Brother Jesus Ayon is the class teacher. On Wednesday evenings we are also in Ecclesiastes chapter 6


Our classes with our friends have not diminished any. We teach and wait... teach and wait. Our friend Isela who has multiple sclerosis has had more falls but she is hanging in there. I mentioned baptism to her about a week ago. She is very knowledgeable, but she has not yet heard of the necessity of being baptized. The Lord help her and her parents who takes care of her.


This month we did some work on our cars. We have had these autos for a while. The Mazda pickup we have had for 8 years. The Quest for 7 and the Avalon for 6 years. We had to change the timing belts and the water pumps on the Quest and the Avalon. We believe these will continue to serve us for a few more years. We sold the pickup cause

at our age now we can not keep all these autos. Martha continues to work one day out of the week so she still needs a good car. Fixed the a/c on the Quest so we are ready for the summer. We are also getting the building and the house ready for the summer.


This past month I also did some damage control concerning some problems we encountered in El Salvador last month. It is a painful and very stressing problem for us especially. A very close brother in Christ from El Salvador has been behaving very erratically. He has been teaching that we should use only one piece of bread for the Lord's Supper. A carbon copy of the "One Cup" teaching. Most of the brethren in El Salvador did not accept the teaching and those who did, do not judge those who do not. But this brother has tried to divide the brethren over the issue. He has also spread some lies about us (Mike, Glauco and I). We don't know why he is doing this, but we suspect that he is looking for support and since we did not agree to help him, he may have gotten mad at us. While staying with him and his mother, he brought some charges against three of the preachers in the church were we were holding the lectureship. I asked him if he had confronted them. He had not and without evidence he was talking behind their backs on some very serious charges. I told him to go to them if he had evidence. I did a little investigation to see if there was any truth to the charges and I could not find anything.

This has had a depressing effect on me especially cause this brother is the son of a very dear brother. The brother passed away last year and it seems that as soon as the brother was buried, his son began making trouble, first within his family and then with the churches that his father was instrumental in edifying.

There is little I can do from afar and even if I were close, I would not mettle in other men's business. The only thing I've been doing by way of emails and phone calls, is to calm the brethren down, telling them that the Lord will reveal the truth, sooner or later. The other thing I've been doing is warning brethren who know this family, to beware. This young man is sending letters to everyone his father knew and is asking for support to preach. At this time he is a member of a local church, but not in good standing. When he asked me for support, I reminded him that he needed to be a member of a church and that the church would want him as their preacher. At this time, there are no churches that want him as their preacher, but he is asking for support. He is going to Cuba this month, but only as a "tourist" because some brethren down there don't trust him, calling him carnal and a sower of discord. I would have to agree.

I'm sending this to warn you. If someone in El Salvador is asking for financial help, please email me. The last thing we want is for a church to be the victim of fraud. I may not be much help in this regard, but I do know the brethren in El Salvador. There are a lot of good preachers in El Salvador and I would like to avoid hurting the good ones by the actions of a few.

Brethren, I rarely write these kinds of reports, but I felt compelled to warn you. We hope the brother will repent and show fruits of our Lord's love.


Very well, the Lord bless you in His Son Jesus.


Your brother in His service,