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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

April 5, 2014

From your Family in Christ here in Mexicali to our beloved in the Lord in the city of Lakeside, greetings in Christ. We pray for you as you pray for us. The Lord is pleased to see our love in our hearts for each other.

With joy we report of our work here in Mexicali, Calexico and Hermosillo, Sonora. It has been a delightful month joined with a few health problems, but all in all we are grateful to our Good God.

The church here in Mexicali continues to meet on Sundays to remember our Lordīs death, something we believe is Godīs plan and we are determined to do so until He returns or we go to Him. On Sundays we are studying the book of First Peter and we are now in Chapter 3. On Wednesdays we are now in Ecclesiastes chapter 4.

We have been blessed with the continued visits by Brother Miguel Angel Tejada. He was baptized about 4 years ago and left us after he had some disappointing financial setbacks. He visited other churches and now he is back with us. He has good knowledge of the Scriptures and seems to have a talent for teaching. He is getting more and more with the program here so hopefully he will feel confident enough to place his membership with us.

In Calexico we are now in Matthew chapter 26 on Sunday mornings. On Thursday evenings we are also in Ecclesiastes 4.

We have been visiting a dear sister whom we had lost touch with about 10 years ago. She is another victim of the vicious fights that ultimately caused the church in Calexico to explode into 3 groups. The things that were said and done in the name of our Lord are shameful, but we must not give up hope because our Lord came to a people steeped in self-righteousness and died for them. Just as the Pharisees, who would travel far to convert a gentile, only to make him twice the "son of hell", there are people masquerading as "defenders of the truth" who can not see the damage they are doing. This sister, like others we have spoken to, have been hurt deep in their souls. Some have just given up. This sister is visiting the Christian church in El Centro but she feels she needs to be with a church of Christ. She is a little scared still, but we believe she will start to visit our services soon. Pray for her and all who have gone through such experiences.

Our classes with Alex Chosa continue nicely. He knows that he needs to obey the gospel. Every time we study we end with a reference to entering the Lord. Brother Juan and I wait for the moment. The great thing here is that Alex is always anxious to study.

Our classes with Isela Lara (suffers from MS) also continue well. Her condition stays fair, but she keep falling and this month, she added 3 more stitches to her head. She has about 4 scars on her head now. They are now seriously thinking about a helmet.

On the 20th of the month, I went for my 1st physical exam in order for the VA to get an idea of my health. So far, only thing that came up is high blood pressure. Without looking at me or raising his voice, the doctor said, "you are a prime candidate for a heart attack". Guess, Iīm just a number to him or maybe he did not want to startle me. He explained that since I did not feel any symptoms, that I was forcing my heart. O.k. now Iīm taking some HBP medicine. First pill I take for a condition in about 10 years.

We are now waiting for results from my blood and urine samples. After that one more test and then theyīll let me know how I stack up in their program. So far, I have not been billed. I like that.


I held a 5 day meeting for the brethren in Hermosillo, Sonora. If it were not for the health problems I had, the trip would have been so much better, but nevertheless, I had a great time!

I spoke to the brethren from the book of Leviticus, the theme of the series I plan to present in El Salvador this month. Brother Mike Mendez will be teaching from Romans and Brother Glauco from the book of Isaiah.

The first night was great, but the second night I had dizzy spells and the Bible and outline were dancing in front of me, also I was seeing lights. The brethren were all moving and I thought I was going to fall. I donīt know how I finished, but I did. I got on the internet and looked up the medicine Iīm taking and Iīm suppose to take it at bedtime. Side effects, "laziness, dizziness, lights.. etc". I stopped taking it and my Blood Pressure shot up above 200. Now what? Well, I start to take a quarter pill at bedtime and slowly I start feeling better. By Saturday morning I was good.

In the meantime, the church in Hermosillo is having a ball! This is probably the partiest church I know. They like to party! After every evening service, about 30 or more would head to somebodyīs house and have a late dinner and dessert. There was much laughter with children playing.. it was just great! I loved it. Everyone was happy to have me there and they commented me on the lessons. Leviticus is much ignored and can be a bit boring if you donīt understand what the Lord was trying to do with Israel.

The brethren there are all hard working people. They love the Lord and are happy to be saved. The brother that has been preaching there for about 30 years is Enrique Cisneros. His wife, Graciela is as loveable and dedicated to our Lord as any God-fearing woman of the Bible. The brethren love each other and they take care of each other as should be a family of God. I just canīt say enough of them. It was hard holding back the tears as we said our good-byes.

Very well my beloved, God bless each of you. Iīm still trying to cope with this medicine, but I do feel better and just to put you at rest, my Blood Pressure was at 149 over 90 at 11:00 a.m.

Your brother in His service,

Raymond Gonzalez  

Enrique Cisneros and Daughter Liz

Hemosillo Manuel Rivas leading song