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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Mar.4, 2014

To our brethren in the Lord in the city of Lakeside: Greeting in Christ from all of us in Mexicali. The Lord increase you in the knowledge and love of God our Savior.

Brethren it is with happiness that we make our monthly report. The brethren in Calexico and Mexicali are experiencing a great time of peace, even if we are in constant war against the unseen and seen forces of the enemy. We are glad to have heard the Good News of Jesus and that we are fighting the good faith.

The church in Calexico congregates on the 1st day of the week to remember our Lord's death and to announce it until He returns for us. We take advantage of our time together to also study His Word. We finished up with Matthew 24 without any problems. The symbolism was kept in its context and the fundamental message of being prepared was emphasized. On Thursday evenings we are now in Chapter 4 of Ecclesiastes.

In Mexicali the brethren are rejoicing. Our long lost Sister Margarita Lovio has returned to us along with Victor and his wife Berenice . Our sister along with her family left us about 5 years ago. We did what we could to encourage them to come back and we asked them if we had offended them but we got nothing in return. Now that they are back we are happy to see them and hope they stay. She tells us that one thing and another just got in the way. She knows that God should always be first. She insists that she never stopped believing in God, "just discouraged" at some of the events in her life.

In our studies in Mexicali, we are in chapter 2 of the First Letter of Peter and in the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes on Wednesday evenings. Our little meeting place is starting to look full again. We are thankful for each soul our Lord brings to us.

Our classes with outsiders are coming along well. Even though Isela our friend has MS and is very ill, we study the Word of God in hopes of getting her baptized in the Name of our Lord. She fell down again, the 3rd time. Three more stitches to her account. Today she had a scan done to access the damage. Seems like she is o.k.

Classes with Alejandro Chosa continue, but only once a week. He has been dating a friend and it has really gotten him distracted. Brother Juan has warned him about setting aside our Bible studies. Alex appreciates our concern for his soul. Good men.

Our planned trip to El Salvador is slowly evolving. We will be holding 2 lectureship type meetings. One from April 15 through the 19th in Santa Ana and the other one from the 21 through the 25th in San Salvador. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with one hour lunch in-between and gospel meetings with the churches in the evenings. I'm tired already.

I finally got accepted by the Veterans Administration for health insurance. I was not sure if I could have it because I live in Mexico. "No problem" said the secretary and she signed me up. I get my physical on the 20th, just in time. I need to do my taxes before heading south. Why did I scheduled the trip at this time?  What was I thinking?

This past month we had a very nice Gospel Meeting with Brother Darrell Beane doing the preaching. He did an excellent job. Our meeting was well attended by the brethren here and we also had some visitors.

Martha and I are looking forward to being with you at the end of the month.

Brethren, that is all for now. The Lord bless you. Continue to keep us in your prayers that our trip will be well received and that Christ Jesus be glorified.

Your brother who is always thinking of you,

Raymond Gonzalez  

P.S. Here is a picture of our new Sister, Maria de los Angeles Reinoso and her son. Also notice the nice chairs.. thank you!