"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     

Raymond Gonzalez
P.O. Box 1453
Calexico, Ca. 92232

Feb.5, 2014

To the saints in Christ who serve and worship the Good Lord in the town of Lakeside: Greetings in Christ. It is our prayer that each of you remember our God every day and that He be thanked for our salvation. The church here in Mexicali and Calexico are blessed with your support of the preaching of His Word.  In Christ we thank you.

You will rejoice with us in that Karen Ramirez was baptized in the Name of Jesus the Christ on the 26th of the month. She requests our prayers because her husband is not a Christian and she knows it will bring conflict in her service.

The church in Calexico is still in the gospel of Matthew. We are now in the 24th chapter. On Thursday evenings we are in the book of Ecclesiastes.

In Mexicali, we are looking at First Peter on Sundays. We are in chapter one and Brother Jesus Ayon is the teacher. On Wednesday evenings we are also in the book of Ecclesiastes. We are in Chapter Two.

We continue to have visitors to our classes and services. Our new Sister María Reinoso has been persuading her sons and daughters in law to visit us. They have all come and they have enjoyed our singing and manner of study. They had been going to another church but they have slacked off. They are more used to an entertaining type service with contemporary "christian music". Apparently the entertainment was not enough to keep them there. It is our hope that they will consider really seeking what the Lord wants rather than what makes us feel entertained.

Our classes with outsiders are moving right along. We study with Don Alejandro twice a week and with Doña Isela once during the week. I get to see these friends often during the week so even though we don´t study, we do talk about our Good Lord. I ask your prayers for them. Isela suffers from Multiple Sclerosis but her mind is completely intact. In one of our studies, her mother commented that she does not believe in God, yet when we pray, she says "I sure hope He hears you".

I´m still up in the air with our health insurance. Since we live in Mexico, it makes things a little complicated. I´m looking at the Veterans Administration and also a Mexican health insurance here in Mexicali. I´ll keep you informed.

If the Lord allows, we will be heading to El Salvador in April. We plan to be down there from the 14th to the 1st of May. I have received help for my plane ticket and some for our travel there. If the church or individuals would like to help the needy and ill (Medicine is more expensive there than in the USA), your offering will be appreciated.

The Lord be with you. May His Gospel be preached without shame. Amen.  

In His service,

Raymond Gonzalez