"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 September 3, 2013 To our brothers and sisters in Christ who love and serve the Almighty in the city of Lakeside, greetings in the Lord. As I write our report, faces loom in my mind of you. I long the day when we will all be together in Heaven. My faith is as simple as that. It is the hope we have in the Lord who gave Himself for us. To be in His presence with all the saints forever. Amen. Things go on as before, little changes in our work. We know what we must do and we go about it as others go about their labors for an earthly crown, but we for a heavenly. We do all we can to expose ourselves to others in hopes of spreading the good news. This past month, I became acquainted with Don Daniel, who lives around the block from our house. I first met him about 20 years ago in front of our home. I had invited him to our services but he never came. Last month I ran into him and I saw he was carrying a Bible. I congratulated him and reminded him that long before I had invited him and that he said that some day he would visit. Well, we got to talking and he invited me to his home to talk. He told me that he had started attending a little group in the neighborhood, but that he did not understand much of the Bible. I'm waiting now for an answer from him if we will have a study or not. The church in Mexicali is doing well. On Sundays we are now in I John chapter 5. Brother Jesus Ayon is the teacher and he is doing a fine job. He likes to ask the brethren by name for a comment. Usually like this; "Brother Raymond, what is your comment on this verse.. I know you have a comment on this..". There is a lot of liberty in the class in the fact that the atmosphere is peaceful. One of our visitors, Doña María, asked this past Sunday why only men lead the classes. She has visited the church where her son attends and also where her sister goes and in both places, they have women "pastors". She wanted to know why not here? We quoted the scriptures to her.. both I Cor.14:34-35 and I Tim.2:11-12. A glow came over her face as she read and reacted to the power of the Word. She was so thankful to us. She told us that it had been bothering her for such a long time. Brother Ayon told her, "it is safe here, you have a question, ask and we will try to help you". On Wednesday evenings we are now going back to the book of Psalms and we expect to finish up in about 2 months and then we will be choosing another book. Our classes with outsiders continue very well. Brother Juan continues to grow in the Lord. Pray for him brethren, he can only congregate with us on Wednesdays cause of his work. He asked his boss for Sundays as his day off but his boss answered; "remember when you filled out your application for work.. it says you are available everyday of the week..". We see that the world does not care for our spiritual needs. He has 5 children of his own and he has adopted a nephew because his parents are drug- addicts. Juan now has his own Bible study with a fellow-worker. Juan comes to me for advice and help in dealing with people of other religions. Our friend Alex also continues to grow in knowledge. Last week we read from I Tim.3:1-7 on the qualifications for elders and you should have seen his eyes light up when he read that a Bishop must be "the husband of one woman". That started another mini class on that subject. Alex, like most of us was raised Catholic and Alex is and has been a good man. But now he is beginning to see that there is a great gulf that divides his beliefs with what the Word of the Lord says on many subjects. It is taking time, but we can not move without faith and as he reads and studies, we are confident that soon he will make a choice for the Truth of God. The last 3 months we have been working on our building. We have already made our restroom twice as large. The door was too thin, only 22 inches wide and the room was 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. We could not get a wheelchair in there and it was difficult for our older members as well as with injured or people who need to be in a wheelchair. All that is now changed, we have a 36 inch door and room to spare inside to maneuver. We have also done some work to have a little place for the children's class. It will be air-conditioned so our little ones will not suffer from the heat. We had some visitors to our Wednesday evening class this past month. A small group came over from another church. They had disbanded because of personal problems and are looking for place to congregate. Brother Jesús Uribe invited them over but they did not like it here because we do not have the "spirit". In other words, we don´t have all of fanfare associated with the Pentecostal movement. But they were impressed with our study of the Bible. They are not accustomed to hearing pages turn when the preacher or the teacher quotes a verse from the Bible. The Lord help them to find the truth. The church in Calexico continues very well. We are now in the 19th chapter of Matthew with good comments and questions. My brother Glauco who preaches in Tecate says that they had a baptism up there last month. That work is also very slow but moving forward with the help of God. He is very happy to see the brethren coming back together and seeing more and more happy faces. Pray for them beloved, they have suffered much and with the help of God they will overcome all of the past troubles that had humiliated them so much. We took 12 days of vacation to visit our daughter Clara, her husband Jacob and their two little ones, Karina and Yesenia. They live in a little town 13 miles north of Vernon, B.C. We were there to celebrate Yesenia´s 3rd birthday. The trip, as always, too short and very tiring. On our stay over to catch our plane back home, we got to visit with Brother Lowell Williams and his wife Helen, brother Elden Givens and his wife Maybeth which we consider treats from the Lord. Very well our beloved, we love you all. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez