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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 August 4, 2013 To our beloved in the Lord who meet to blend their hearts in praise to the Lord in the city of Lakeside: The Lord bless you in Jesus name. May He bless you with all of His Blessings in Christ. Amen. Here is our report for July. In our Sunday gathering to remember our Lord's death, we are now in the end of the 3rd chapter of I John. Brother Jesus Ayon is the teacher. In our Wednesday evening Bible class we are about to finish up with the Prophet Obadiah. This book fits in perfectly with our classes on the last chapters of Psalms. We did not suffer much in locating the time and the period of history in which Obadiah spoke. We were blessed this past month with the visit of a sister in Christ that left us about 18 years ago. She came to visit us and has hinted that she will be coming to our worship more often. She brought her three daughters. I feel sad that we did not see her children grow up around us like the rest of the youngsters. The oldest of the girls is the only one who comes up to greet us with a great smile. We hope their father, Brother Gregorio who was our song leader long ago, will also consider returning. Two other visitors need to be mentioned. Doña Sylvia Delgado and María de Jesús are steady visitors, but have so far excused themselves from obeying the gospel until a later time. The Lord grant them time that they obey the calling of the Lord before it is eternally too late. In Calexico, our services continue. Our three sisters are committed to serving the Lord and that gives us encouragement. We are now in Matthew 15 where our Lord criticizes the "traditions of the fathers". This is very useful for us former Catholics whose religion is nothing more than "traditions" of men, ever changing with the times and circumstances, but the Word of the Lord is set in Heaven forever. Our classes with Brother Juan and our friend Alex continue at a more brisk pace. We are now meeting about 3 times a week. We are pleased with Alex because he is now doing more reading on his own. We ask him to read a couple of chapters and he reads ten! Juan is already trying to teach a couple of his co-workers. He is a waiter at a Chinese restaurant. Alex is also trying to encourage his neighbor to read her Bible. She says that it is too difficult to understand it. I also ask for your prayers in behalf of Isela Lara. She is the lady with multiple sclerosis. Her state is very serious. She is confined to a wheel chair. She had an episode this month and it set her back a little. We are now hunkered down for the hot summer. Our air-conditioning units are going full blast. We try to do all our outside shores early in the morning. My Brother Glauco tells us that the church in Tecate is doing a whole lot better. God be thanked. Very well our beloved, until next month. The Lord bless you. Your brother in Christ, Raymond Gonzalez