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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 June 3, 2013 To our beloved in the Lord in the city of Lakeside, the Lord bless you with the love and knowledge of His Son Jesus our Savior. We delight in reporting to you of the work we do here in the border area of Calexico and Mexicali. Martha and I continue to visit the church in Calexico. We are trying to motivate them to share the gospel with others. We are now in Matthew 13. From hearing them read on Sunday mornings, I sense they do very little study or reading during the week. The new sister is the one who does her homework and more. In Mexicali we are now in I John 2:18. Brother Jesus Ayon is teaching the class. He estimated that the class would last about a month or a little more. At the pace we are going we will be in this book for about 6 months! I'm not complaining because there is a fair amount of dialogue and good comments. It is Brother Ayon who says that he gets extremely nervous teaching a class. On Wednesday evenings we are now looking at Psalms 136. We should finish up the Book of Psalms by autumn if the Lord allows. I am so happy with this study. I brings so many pieces of God's story together. We continue to have visitors to most of our studies. Two of them are regulars, Sylvia Delgado and María de Jesús. We have noticed a change in Sylvia. At first she seemed bored and lost. Now, she is very attentive and with a pencil and paper in hand, she is taking down notes and the Scriptures that we quote. María de Jesús has a spiritual problem that is holding her back from obeying the gospel, but she does not miss our services on Sunday. We pray that the Lord will grant her time to obey and help her with her problem. Our studies with Brother Juan Leyva and Alejandro Choza continue. With Juan we are studying the Book of Acts and with Alejandro we are in Genesis. Alejandro admits that he is just about as ignorant of God as can be, but he says that he believes. He believes we have been created, but "I don´t know Him" he says. That is why God has sent us to "preach" to the people. Out of 100, there may come out one, who wants to know the Lord. We continue our studies and visits with Isela Lara. As I mentioned before, she has MS in the advanced stage. Her mother is wearing herself out trying to cure her. I don´t believe there is a cure for this disease, but her mother has her on a strict diet, the bee treatment and other things. On one of my visits, I commented to Dora her mother, that she is not enjoying her daughter. She told me she was terrified that her daughter may died. I told her, "we might die before she does, so why not enjoy her while we have her or while she has us". A week later I came by just to say hello and Isela came out on her own. She uses a walker with difficulty, she has fallen so many times that they rather put her on a wheelchair. She told me to sit down and we just relaxed for about an hour. Her father and mother joined us and we had a great time.. joking and remembering past experiences. It gave me a sense of "doing good". I can only thank the Lord for putting me in their path because I am able to share the good news of Christ and also enjoy a clean and healthy relationship with that family. They are Catholic, but like so many, they do not attend mass or follow the rules of their church. May the Lord put His words in my mouth to convert this family to the Living God. O.k. Beloved, hope to see you at the end of the month, the Lord bless you. In His service, Raymond Gonzalez