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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 To our beloved in the Lord who serve the God of Abraham and the Father of our Lord Jesus the Christ in Lakeside, greetings in His Name. Brethren, it is with joy that we make our monthly report. As a congregation here in Mexicali we continue to meet every first day of the week to remember our Lord's death. In the wisdom of God, we meet at least this day in honor of our Savior. We try to take advantage of the gathering by using the time to share in the knowledge of our God. On Sundays we are being taught the First Book of John by our brother Jesus Ayon. He is doing a good job. During our second hour we sing to God of our trials and temptations here on the earth as we ask Him to help us. We also sing of the hope we have in Christ Jesus. We believe our Lord hears us and is well pleased that after 2,000 years, hearts are still lifting up praises to God through Jesus His Son. We also take note of those who did not come. We make it a point to visit or call them to see if they need our assistance or prayers. We take up a collection for the needs of the church. We also present a sermon to edify us. This gathering will not attract those who seek to gratify their earthly senses, but if there is one seeking the truth, it reaches out to them. At this time we have 3 regular visitors to our reunions who are taking down notes and trying to understand the will of God. They have already visited other churches and they liked the entertainment, but they long more to know the Word of God. The Lord help them. On Wednesday evening we are now in Psalms 132. We hope to finish the Book of Psalms this year. The study has been a blessing to us, especially to me. The Psalms fills us in on many of the events recorded in the books of history, such as I and II Samuel. This past month I began using Power Point! Yep, it took me a while to start using it but I'm using it to put up maps and show them some items from the Bible that pictures can best describe. We continue with our classes with Juan and Alejandro. Since Juan was baptized last March, we decided to look at the Book of Acts. We studied from Matthew and when we got to Mt.28, Juan made the decision. We are now trying to get Alejandro to also make the decision of his life. In Calexico the sisters continue with the Lord. Sister Rosalinda's daughter Carmen is a constant visitor with us. When she does not attend here in Calexico, she attends in El Centro because her husband and children accompany her. Another visitor in Calexico is Andres Ramirez who had decided to start attending again. He is married to Sister Pricilia. Very well beloved, this is all concerning the work of God. Other things kept me busy this past month (Income taxes and fencing at the building) but the things of God are our main concern in the report. The Lord Bless you.. in His service, Raymond Gonzalez