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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 Jan. 3, 2013 Happy New Year Brethren! From the Gonzalez Family in Mexicali to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ who serve the Lord with all their hearts in the city of Lakeside, God Bless you! The report is a little late.. again. I was down and still reeling from the flu. It went from one to another in the congregation and it seems I'm the last one to get it, though I hear Martha coughing. I was already feeling a little ill on Sunday morning, but I thought it was some passing thing. We appreciate all of your prayers for our labors here which are also labors to your credit (Phil.4:16-17). Nothing much out of the ordinary. December we usually cancel most of the home studies because family starts arriving and the celebrations start early in Mexico, especially here in Mexicali. A bunch of shooting into the air on New Years. Watch out! The church continues to meet faithfully and steadily on Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights for class. On Sunday, we are now in John chapter 20. We are now in company with the apostles going to the sepulcher to enter the empty tomb. Glory to God who has given us an eternal hope in our King Jesus the Christ in that He gave His Son a ransom for us and raised Him from the dead for our justification! Rom.4:25. On Wednesday evenings we are slowly maneuvering through Chapter 11, one of the most difficult chapters of Bible prophecy. I am not quoting from any of the historical books, such as the Maccabaeus or Greek history. We first want to see the events to come as the "Remnant" would before going down to Judea to rebuild the temple that was destroyed 70 years prior. If there were any second thoughts in those planning on going, this prophecy would tip the scale in favor of staying in Babylon, which would probably be worst.. (Isa.14:21-23). At first some thought Daniel 11 almost impossible to understand, but now they are getting a picture of what the prophecy is trying to convey. Basically, there will be a tug of war between a northern kingdom and a southern kingdom, and the Remnant will be right in the middle. There will be no peace until the God of Heaven establishes His Kingdom. In Calexico, the work proceeds slowly. We congregate Sunday mornings for Bible study and then the worship. Sister Rosalinda whom we greatly miss is attending in El Centro because she is a care-giver and the brother she is caring for is a member there. The two sisters that we are working with in Calexico are going through the normal trials we all go through when we start a new work. Keep them in your prayers. Our classes with outsiders continue very well. We study with Juan Leyva on Tuesday mornings now. He was laid off from work last month because the business went under. That opened up an opportunity for him to attend our services and he does not miss a single one. His first time to our Sunday service left him with a giant smile. I never expected our service would impress him so much. You could see a happy man there. He is very intelligent and in our Wednesday evening class, he takes notes and participates more then our own members. I ask a question and he has the answer. Now that we can study on Tuesdays, we have invited Alejandro, a mutual friend of ours to our class. Two Tuesdays ago, we had our first class with Alejandro. To my amazement, Juan would step in and teach him what he has learned. I would just sit back and enjoy what I was seeing. Ive been very anxious to get Juan in the water, but I want the Lord to bring him. Ive spoken to him about being baptized in His name for the forgiveness of his sins, so now I wait. We are coming to Matthew 28 and there, Ill make the invitation again. Alejandro wants to continue to study with us as he expressed after the class. Keep us in your prayers. At the end of December, we got two more people lined up for home Bible class. One man, another Juan, who runs with us in the mornings has made a New Years Resolution to learn the Word of God. He had gone to the local priest, but was discouraged to study it. I had asked Juan if he was interested in learning the Word and that's when he told me he had gone to the priest. I then told I would teach him if he wanted. His face lit up, so we expect to meet with him soon and get that scheduled. Also another lady who walks there confessed to me that she is in a lot of trouble with her family. I asked her if she had ever considered being counseled by God. She admitted that "only when I have no other alternative". She also has agreed to hear the Word. Our services are being attended at this time by three constant visitors. Doa Sylvia Delgado, Doa Mara de Jess and Don Juan Leyva. Occasionally we get other visitors, but these three are constant. This last month we had some former members come back to visit us. Two sisters in Christ that migrated to the United States with their parents about 15 years ago came back to say hello. We were their first teachers of the Word so they are very fond of us. Both are married and their children are now teen-agers. It is a blessing to see that the Word of the Lord is working strongly in them. Very unusual month to have a gospel meeting, but that is exactly what we did. Brother Darrell Beane from Renton Washington came down and did a fantastic job. Spoke to us about Discipleship. The meeting was well attended by the brethren. The meeting ran from the 4th to the 9th of December. We had a total of 9 visitors to the meeting. Juan Leyva did not miss a day! Very well beloved, the Lord bless you. The whole church here in Mexicali sends you their warmest regards and love in the Name that is above all names, Jesus the Christ. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez