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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 December 2, 2012 To our beloved in the Lord Jesus the Christ who live in Lakeside; Greetings. It is always a pleasure for me to report of our work in the Lord in this part of the world. With God's help we will be seeing you at the end of the month. The work here in Mexicali and Calexico goes forth knowing that this work is never in vain. Both groups support us with their encouragement and love. After being followers of the Lord for more than 30 years, we should know enough to be a help to those who want to go to heaven. Martha and I do all we can to pass on our knowledge of the Son of God to those who have obeyed and those who are hearing for the first time. In Mexicali we are just about done with John 18 on Sundays. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Daniel Chapter 11. Up to now the class on Daniel has been more or less easy. The brethren are surprised that the Prophet Daniel is not that difficult to understand. We have not gotten stuck on the significance of the "weeks" and "days". Iīve seen brethren go back and forth as to what they mean. The commentators who wrote in the early 1800s calculated that they were in the "end time", but nothing of what they expected happened. We took the approach that the weeks and days signified sections of time. Three times in the book of Daniel, he speaks of the "abomination" and "desolation" which our Lord says would happen when Herodīs Temple would be destroyed (Mt.24:15). But now we come to Chapter 11 and some of the brethren think we will get stuck there. We donīt think so. In Calexico we study from Acts during the week and from Matthew on Sunday mornings. These classes keep me very busy, but there is no short-cut to come to the knowledge of God. Brother Andres Ortega preached his second sermon this past month. He is only 17 and usually he leads the congregation with the songs and the Lordīs Supper. Brother Jesus Ayon who was in prison for 2 years is out and he immediately took his place helping out with the service. He was in jail for a crime he did not commit and he was never charged. That gives you an idea of our judicial system here. His lawyer milked him for all he had and then a friend of Brother Ayon who just graduated from law school this year, got him out in one month! Our classes with non-Christians continue very well. Pray for us as we tell them the story of God. Especially pray for Juan Leyva who has accepted the reality that he may be the only one in his family who will follow the Lord. He was hoping his wife would get interested, but when we read Mt.24:41 "Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left", he commented, "that sounds like my wife..". I keep getting opportunities to speak to people at the track where I run most every morning. At least twice a week I have a "walking class" with someone there. I love it! My mind is rested in the early morning and I seem to recall things better. Well we spent two weeks with our daughters. We got home on the 9th of November. It is always great to see our girls and our granddaughters. They are doing well. April, the oldest lives in Klakamas, Oregon, just outside of Portland. Clara lives a bit further north in Spallemcheen, British Colombia, just outside of Vernon. Both places are very beautiful. Very green. Mexicali is more brown than anything else, but this is where we are and we believe the Lord wants us here. One little note brethren. The brethren in Cuba did suffer from Hurricane Sandy. The storm first passed through Cuba and did cause some damage in the southeastern part of the Island. About 30 brothers in that area lost their roofs and a couple lost their little homes. One of the brothers lost a little house of about 120 square feet. The wind knocked the house down but within days, they had the house up again with the help of the brethren there in Palma Soriano. The brethren are helping each other out as best they can. They have not asked for any assistance probably because they have heard of the great damage Sandy did to New York. Nevertheless, we sent the brethren about 200.00 to help them and comfort them. If someone would like to send some help, let me know. We are trying to get about 500.00 more. raygon1480@yahoo.com is my email address. Very well our beloved, the Lord bless you with the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. In His service, Raymond Gonzalez