"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 October 31, 2012 To our beloved brethren in Lakeside who so faithfully sustain us in the work of our Lord. Greetings in His name. The Lord bless you with the love and knowledge of His Son Jesus the Christ. At the time of this report we are in Spallumcheen, British Columbia. It is our yearly time with our daughter Clara, her husband Jacob and the granddaughters Karina and Yesenia. We save our pennies for this trip and we cherish our moments with them. We never expected our girls to move away so far, but they are both happy and serving the Lord and that is what matters most. April and her husband Kristopher Carlson live in Clakamas, just outside of Portland. We spend 4 days with April and then we flew here and will be staying in Spallumcheen (14 miles north of Vernon) for a week. The church in Mexicali is now in John chapter 18 in our Sunday Bible class. It has been slow yet very intense as we closed with the prayer of our Lord for the Apostles and us. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Daniel chapter 9. So far so good as we try to present these chapters on prophesy as simple as we can. The church in Calexico progresses slowly but surely. We have begun a Sunday Bible class with them on the gospel of Matthew. For Sister Rosalinda (baptized 2 years ago) this class in Spanish is a tremendous source of learning. She is impressed by the times "that it might be fulfilled" is mentioned and she is eager to go back and read the quotes from the prophets. I remember that thrill when I was first converted and I still get that thrill when I come across a passage that I had not yet made the connection. Just great for the soul. On Thursday evenings we continue with the Book of Acts. In all of our gatherings, Andres, Sister Pricila's husband meets with us. He has many questions and we try to provide Scripture for him to consider. Sister Pricila was "raised in the church" but she learned very little and is now just starting to catch on. The church where they were converted was very abrasive and judgmental. They walked on egg-shells for about 15 years until they finally had enough. Many in that church simply left altogether but Sister Margarita and Pricila continued to seek the ways of God. Our classes with Juan Leyva are now in Matthew 25. I am anxious for him to obey. He has been reading from the Old Testament. He is now in II Kings and he does not miss our Wednesday evening class on Daniel. When I ask a question in the class, it is Juan who always raises his hand and give an answer. The brethren are impressed that he has so much knowledge. I tell the brethren "it is because he is reading..". The idea that we learn only when we congregate apparently is still with them. Our visits and classes with Isela continue. Her parents show us much appreciation for coming and spending time with their daughter. We read from the bible and then spend a little time just visiting and talking. Isela very rarely goes out of the house and she has not been to any kind of event for 2 years. We are hoping that her parents will allow her to come with us to services at least. Isela is all for it but she says; "my parents will not let me go". With time we hope they will change their minds. Its not that they are against Isela going to a religious service, but they fear she might fall or something like that. Last Sunday evening we congregated with the church in Monroe, Washington. I was given the opportunity to speak during the first and second hours of their service. In the evening we showed them the pictures of our recent trip to El Salvador. The church here has been supporting Hugo Luna from Santa Ana, El Salvador for about 5 years as well as Brother Luis Guevara from San Miguel. They had some questions concerning their work and we believe we answered most of them to their satisfaction. I showed them some older pictures of the work from when we first began in 1984. We bought a slide and negative scanner and I've got some old pictures from our first trips I had not seen in about 20 years. Very well my beloved, the Lord bless each of you. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez