"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 Oct. 2, 2012 Beloved in the Lord, greeting to our brethren in Lakeside. The Lord bless you with health, love and knowledge of His Son Jesus our Savior. Another month has passed, seems like they go much faster now. We want to let you know that as of today, our health is relatively good considering our age. Martha has her own illness under control. She was diagnosed with Lupus about 12 years ago. I have a little high blood pressure but up to know my blood sugar has been normal. Most of my relatives on my mother's side have diabetes. O.k. that is some information just in case you see me in a picture or if we meet somewhere, I am graying and wrinkling. The church here in Mexicali is now in John 17 on Sundays. Two of our men are starring to prepare for sermons, once each month. After the study of John one of the men will be taking over the class. We hope to give the men a shorter book so they will not feel overwhelmed. They know the church is behind them. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Daniel 5. Up to now, the brethren have told me that the Book of Daniel is not that difficult. Lets see what they say when we get to chapter 7 and on. In Calexico, we have started a class on Matthew for Sunday morning. We continue with Acts on Thursday evening. We continue to have visitors to our Bible classes and Andres, Sister Pricilla's husband shows a good attitude. He is a very intelligent young man and looks forward to the classes and services. Sister Rosalinda, baptized a couple of years ago, has been bringing her daughter Carmen to our services. Sister Rosalinda has a great heart and is seeking her lost children first. She asks us questions about how she can bring the rest of her family to the Lord. The Lord bless her with wisdom. Our classes with outsiders goes well. We study with Mr. Juan Leyva on Wednesday mornings. The last class that we had from Matthew 23 lasted two hours. He has questions., good comments and is eager to learn about God. A lady we met at the track where I run, Maria de Jesus, is now a steady with us on Sunday and Wednesday. We are now seeking a timeslot to have a home bible class with her. She is a very busy lady. Our visits with Isela Lara continue very well. She is slowly making progress with her illness. She has MS. We are told that she can not get any better, but don't tell her that. She is gaining weight, even on a very strict diet offish, purslain, broccolli, squash and fruits., preferably organic. We read from the Word of God with her and ask questions. We also spend a little time just visiting with her, playing tic/tack/toe. She is very grateful for our visits. I think hardly anyone visits her which is very sad. We have been visiting a friend of ours who has confessed bluntly to us that he does not believe in God. He has been a good friend and respects our faith. He loves us and enjoys our company but he says that there is no afterlife. He was raised in a home where most of his family follows the Watchtower Society. We occasionally talk "religion" and he is impressed. We have suggested a class but so far he has declined. I don't know how we can live in this world without hope. If the Lord allows, Martha and I will be traveling to Portland, Oregon and from there to Spallencheen, British Columbia. That is where our daughters are now living. April and her husband Kristopher Carlson both have good jobs in Portland. It is hard to divide two weeks between them but hopefully with practice we will get better at it. Clara and Jacob Forman live about 15 minutes north of Vernon, British Columbia. That is where we spend our vacation time. We don't physically see our grandchildren much, but thank God for Facebook, we talk and see them often through that invention. While up in the northwest, we will be visiting the church in Monroe, Washington. Brother Lowell Williams is one of the elders there. The church there has been helping Hugo Luna and Luis Guevara from El Salvador and he wants us to share our trips with the church. Last time we passed through Seattle we visited the church there on a Wednesday evening and we did what we could with the time we had, but we are sure they have other questions about the work down there. We will be with them on Sunday the 28th of this month to show them also the Power Point Presentation we showed you last Sunday. Very well our beloved, that is all for now. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez