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13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1480 Calexico, Ca. 92232 September 4, 2012
Report for August 2012
To our beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior who serve Him in the city of Lakeside: Greetings brethren. It is always a pleasure to report because as I write, your faces come to me. Do not think that I write to an empty page, but to a living people who have given themselves over to the Good Lord, to us and many others. The Lord Bless you. It has been dangerously hot this past month. Most of us simple hunkered down in our "cold rooms". We use this term because many, especially among those who earn little have a room where they have air-conditioning. There they stay most of the day watching TV. doing homework or whatever else they do. They do this because of the high cost of the electricity. I became ill on the 2nd week of August. The humidity has been in the 60s to 80s and we just sweat and sweat. I just lost too much water along with the electrolytes. Just a little information on our summer weather. Because of this severe weather we miss our usual "potlucks" on Saturday evenings. I know that it gets hot here every year, but for some reason I feel that this August has been a bit hotter and more humid. Yet we thank our Lord for giving us homes where we are protected. Our Sister Susie Martinez, daughter of our older Sister Susana, who left us about a year and a half ago, has decided to come back to us. We never judged her as condemned. She simply decided she did not want to continue with us because she feels that there is favoritism in the church. I told her that she was probably right, but that her "jealousy" was a sin also. We can not make other people change, we can only make ourselves change or control our tempers. She recognized her "sin" and asked me to forgive her because she took out much of her frustration on me. I thank the Lord that He has given me a pretty thick hide. We are just happy she is back with us. The church in Mexicali is now in John 16 on Sunday evenings. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Daniel Chapter 2. We continue to have visitors to our Wednesday evening classes and we hope., oh how we hope that these friends of ours will soon turn their lives over to the Lord. Both of our visitors have serious decisions that they must make. This, not because we have found their faults, but they themselves have confessed to us that before they obey, they must leave some things that they know now more than ever, are against the conduct of Christ. We all had to make this decision and leave many bad and ungodly practices. Pray for them. The newly born church in Calexico moves forth. Sister Rosalinda has decided to become a member here in Calexico. So far she has brought a daughter and a grandson to our services. Andres, sister Pricilla's husband is excited about learning the things of the Lord but has yet to obey the gospel. He always seems excited to read from the Scriptures. We study the Book of Acts with them on Tuesday evening also. We are now in Chapter 21. Our visits with Isela Lara are coming along very well. She is a very intelligent woman and is a fast learner. We visit with her and read from the Bible with her. Her mother has shown interest in hearing the Word with her. Isela as I've mentioned in my past reports, has Multiple Sclerosis (At least that is what the doctors have said). Her recovery from the initial episode has been slow. She had lost her memory and we thank God that is back. She could barely move her arms and that is improved. At this time She is struggling with her legs, feet and hands. Pray for them also. Our classes with Juan Leyva continues on Wednesdays. He continues to read more and more of the Lord's Word. If I mention to him something from Jonah., he will read the whole book. If we quote a verse from Micah, he will go back there, read the verse, then the chapter and sometimes the book also. The Lord bless him. Very well our beloved, that is all for now. The Lord bless you and keep. Your fellow servant in Christ, Raymond Gonzalez