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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 June 3, 2012 To our beloved in the Lord in the city of Lakeside. Greetings in Christ. It is with joy that we report of our work in Mexicali and the areas close by. We thank our Good God every day for using us in the spreading of His truths in this world that seems to run and hide from Him who loves us. The church in Mexicali proceeds ahead with its congregational studies. On Sundays we are ending John 13. On Wednesdays we have one more class on Psalms 119. It has been a long study on this chapter, but we have been shown that indeed the Word of God is "exceeding broad". We have come to appreciate God more with this study. We decided from the beginning that we were not going to roll over Psalms 119. We wanted to hear it all. We lack only 20 verses. If David wrote the Psalm we can see how he missed hearing it at the tabernacle when he was in hiding for about 20 years! Our visits with the brethren in Tecate have gone on. We will be taking a short break during the summer and maybe a little longer. The brethren there are doing well but they need to congregate a little more. Even if just to read the Bible together in order to improve their knowledge of our Lord. Classes with Juan Leyva are coming along very well. He is reading alot on his own and that is a very good sign. He constantly is asking me questions of this and that and I do my best to answer them. He is still a little confused because of the way the Bible is structured. I've had to explain that the Bible was written during a course of many years. Juan thought that Moses and Christ lived more or less during the same time. His wife is back with us hearing and helping him find the Bible passages as we read and teach. Our classes in Calexico are bearing fruit. Our class with Margarita, her daughter Pricilla and Andres (not baptized) continues very well. They feel much more comfortable and less stressful about us teaching them "only the truth". They have learned to forgive and are now ready to consider starting a church in Calexico. Because of a "party spirit" which has prevailed in this small city, there are two small groups meeting in homes. Their "god" is their own concept of what is Truth, sort of the way the Watchtower Society believes. The Lord said that the "truth will make you free" (John 8:32). If we read a little more we see that only One can set us free of sin .. the Son of God .. not a set of rules. It is not commandments that free us from sin but the blood of our Lord Jesus the Christ (I Peter l:18-21). If this happens, we will be starting with a group of about 5 Christians and a couple of visitors and ourselves. These 5 Christians are driving 12 miles to El Centro for worship on Sundays. They do have a Spanish/speaking class. What they do is hear recordings of sermons in Spanish because of these 5 Christians, only one is able to speak English. Anyway we are excited because these brethren now understand the message of God. Trip to El Salvador July 16-30 Brethren, we are planning a trip to EI Salvador this coming July. We will be there only 2 weeks. Those who are going are Mike Mendez, Dane Bengard, Glauco Gonzalez and myself Two weeks but they will be intense. This is what we will do according to Brother Mike's long desired plan if the Good Lord allows. We will be holding a lectureship type meeting. We will be meeting for 5 days, Tuesday the 17th starting at 9:00 am. when Mike will present a 90 minute class from Romans. We will take a 30 minute break and then Glauco will begin his 90 minute class on Isaiah at 11:00 a.m. We will break for lunch at 12:30. At 1:30 p.m. I will start my 90 minute class from Genesis and we will end at 3:00 p.m. The idea is to have as many preachers and teachers at the lectureship. We want to encourage the brethren to study the books of the Bible rather than having topical studies all the time. In the evenings we will all split up and at 5:00 p.m. preach a sermon in one of the 9 congregations in the San Miguel area. The second week will be conducted as we usually do, visiting brethren in the morning and then having a gospel meeting in the evening. I'm excited about this. In behalf of the brethren in El Salvador we thank you for supporting us here in Mexicali and other places. In behalf of the poor in EI Salvador, I offer myself as your trusted messenger. If someone would like to help the poor down there, I will take your offering to them and give it as best I see and ask about the need. If the church or an individual would like to send some help, please write the check in my name with "support for needy" on the memo line. We hope to be with you the 8th of July because we will be down south on the 29th. O.k. our beloved, this is all for now... The Good Lord bless you. In His Service, Raymond Gonzalez