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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 April 2, 2012 To our beloved and remembered brethren who help us in the work of God in the city of Lakeside; Greeting in the Lord Jesus the Christ. It is with great joy that we take this time to share with you our efforts in Mexicali and surrounding areas. In behalf of all our family in Christ, we thank you for your support that goes far beyond our own table. Here in Mexicali, we are now in John II. We are now moving right along hoping to cover a chapter every two Sundays. On Wednesday evenings we are a third of the way of Psalms 119. We tried to move fast with the chapter having 176 verses, but it has proven to be more interesting and fruitful than we anticipated. During the week we have classes in Calexico, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We plan to continue these classes for about 3 more months and then concentrate on having one class where all of us can meet. We hope to encourage them to start a little group in Calexico. Differences that have divided these families are being ironed out. Funny how false ideas of God slip into our hearts quickly, but they are so difficult to root them out. We see more smiles on their faces as they learn to forgive and forget. Also during the week we keep our appointment on Wednesday afternoons with Juan Leyva. He is coming along just fine. His wife is again joining in our study. At the track where I walk and run I keep meeting people who give me an ear. Currently I have a walking study with Doña Veronica whom I've mentioned and last week I started a nice talk with Doña Alvina and her daughter. They have a business at our local shopping mall and her hours will not allow her to meet with us on Sundays or Wednesdays. She Will have to sacrifice a couple of hours of either day in order to congregate with us. We will see about a study in her home. Last week we also had our first "religious" talk with the mother of our friend Isela who suffered a series of strokes (the doctor says it is multiple sclerosis). I'm not a doctor so I'll just leave it at that, either way Isela is very ill. I thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to speak to her about the church. She asked about what we believe and teach. From her question I quickly moved to the Lord. It is about what He teaches. This month Mike Mendez came down for his annual meeting with us. He spoke on the Beatitudes .. Great series! My brother Glauco and I continue to provide preaching help to the brothers and sisters in Tecate. The little group is showing more and more life. No doubt they are struggling, but so is the case of each of us in this world. Beloved brethren, I've reached the age of retirement. We celebrated my 62nd birthday this past month. Unfortunately, if I take my retirement at this time, I'll only receive about 900.00 dollars a month. I'm still debating on waiting till I'm 67 if the Lord gives me life. Well my beloved, I thank the Lord for you and we hope to see you soon. In His service, Raymond Gonzalez