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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 March 2, 2012 To our beloved in the Lord in the city of Lakeside: Greetings in the Lord. It is with happiness that we make our report for the past month. In behalf of the church here in Mexicali and the others that receive blessings from you, we thank you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We had a soul come to the Lord this past month. Emma De Los Angeles was baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins on the 18th of February. We presented 3 lessons on baptism and one of our visitors, Marķa De Los Angeles (her sister) told Emma about it. On one of those Sundays, I took Andres, one of our brothers to their beauty shop to get a haircut and as she was commenting on wanting to be baptized when her church had more candidates, Andres spoke very directly and seriously for a 17 year young man "you could be dead by then". There was silence, but that was enough for her to request the sermons. The lessons were presented for the sake of Marķa, but as is often the case, others enter into the kingdom first. Marķa is a steady visitor and she tells us she will get baptized soon. The Lord give her the time. I met Marķa at the track where I walk and run. On Sunday mornings we are now in John chapter 9. We are impressed by the blind man who knew the scriptures and their force better than the Jews who could see. Great lesson for us. When asked what he thought of Jesus.. his answer was without a doubt "He is a prophet". Oh how we need such conviction to speak with such faith. On Wednesday evenings we are now in Psalms 119. We hope to cover about 24 verses per Wednesday and finish up by the middle of April. We will then study Psalms 120 and then study another book. The Psalms have given us so much comfort and to me it has given me serveral sermons. We love the study. We visit the churches in Tecate and Boulevard. We will be changing our visits to the 3rd Sunday of the month because the years are starting to tell on my. We will visit the brethren in Tecate (on the Mexican side) at 2:30 p.m. and hopefully finish up the service by 4:00 p.m. and then cross the border to be with the brethren in Boulevard by 6:00 p.m. They are only about 35 miles apart. The problem is crossing the border, sometimes we are there for more than an hour. It will be a full day, but it will cut my gas expenses and I“ll only make that drive once a month instead of twice. Our classes with Juan Leyva are steady. We meet at his house every Wednesday in the afternoon and we take our time. I am anxious that he get baptized, but I will not push him. He is reading his Bible, he is growing and he is sharing what he knows with his friends and co-workers. Our classes in Calexico are also bearing fruit. Andres Ramirez, husband of Sister Pricila asked us if he could join our Tuesday evening class. Before, he would usually play games in the living room while we studied. Now he is there with us. This past month I reported that I had a "walking study" with my friend Salvador. I go to the community park and walk and run on a 800 meter "track" (its all dirt). I“m trying to stay away from the doctors. Anyway, this past month I got another "walking study" with a lady who was raised in the 7th Day Adventist Church. Since she was raised in that church I asked her some simple questions, one of which was; "why did God impose a diet on the Israelites?" (Leviticus 11). She looked at me and said "I have no idea". We have been studying now for 3 weeks, about 2 times a week. On Monday I give her homework and on Tuesdays we go over the passaged she was supposed to read. We do the same on Wednesday and Thursdays. Since she has read the Bible several times over it is easy to recall the verses. I think she is now addicted to the Word of God like never before. I just love it when she stops walking and I ask; "is something wrong?" Ususally she says "no, I“m just putting the puzzle together". Pray for her. She is about 40 years old and raised reading the Bible but she confesses "I don“t know anything". She knows plenty but everything is all separated and mixed up. The Lord give her light. We have started visiting a lady of about 35 years of age. About 3 years ago she suffered a strange illness that has left her very much disabled. She used to live about 4 houses away from us. I remember her as a tall, very beautiful looking woman who used to take her children to school, a very dedicated mother. Now she is very thin and is struggling to regain her memory and movement in her left side. Seems to me that she suffered a series of strokes, but the doctor that is treating her says it is something else. We try to visit and encourage her at least once a week. I asked her if she liked to read the Bible. She said she loves to read but that the Bible is not read because they are Catholic. I hope she will give us an opportunity. Very well brethren, that is all for now. Pray for us that we have a prosperous year with more conversions. The Lord bless you. In His service, Raymond Gonzalez