"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 Jan. 31, 2012 Your Brother Raymond and Sister Martha Gonzalez happily report to our beloved in Christ in the city of Lakeside The God of all, bless you in your faith in His beloved Son Jesus the Christ. The Lord bless you with the love and knowledge of Him who gave His life for us and was raised from the dead to the glory of God. Well here we are brethren, with you~ believing evermore in the gospel of Jesus. We are convinced that it is God's power unto salvation so we strive to take it to the world. In the behalf of all who benefit from your generosity we thank you. It was good to be with you last Sunday. We appreciate your obvious love to us and all who call upon the name of Jesus for salvation. On Sunday mornings we are now in John 8:31. We are moved by the accuracy of our Lord's teaching from God's Holy Scriptures. If there is anything that man must learn from the Word of God, it is that Jesus is Lord! Jesus is the LORD Jehovah (Phi1.2:9- 11). The only way to change that is to change the Word. Some, to their own destruction have done just that. They have missed the point of the entire Scriptures! On Wednesday evenings we continue with Psalms. We are now in Palms 115. Personally I have benefited very much not only by the study but I have made several sermons from our study. I love it. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have our studies in Calexico with brethren and new borns. Things are moving right along. Interesting to study with brethren who have been Christians for over 25 years who are still in the dark about God's character. Our God is a Good God .. a Patient God .. a Just and Righteous God. I do not claim to have some special knowledge of our Lord, but one thing I have learned .. "He delights in Mercy". I keep repeating this in my reports because I think too many of us judge others and ourselves "not good enough". It is not how good we are but how Good our God is. Our study with Juan Leyva goes forth with interest. He eagerly looks forward to our visits and is coming to our Wednesday evening classes. He is doing much reading apart from our study and that is a great sign that he is hungry for God's truths. Our good friend who has been visiting us, Maria de Jesus has asked us some questions about Baptism. Her sister Emma goes to a none-denominational group in Calexico but they don't baptize but twice a year. Maria asked me about it and I presented a couple of lessons on the subject and gave them the recordings. Maria wants us to go over the subject with her because as she said; "I want to know what I'm doing, all of this is new to me". We continue visiting the church in Boulevard every 3rd Sunday evening of the month. The brethren always welcome us warmly. The little church is doing very well. The church in Tecate is also showing improvement. I visited them on the 3rd Sunday of the month, usually I go on the 1st Sunday but due to it being New Years this month, I skipped. When I go there, Brother Fernando was fully into his sermon. I was so happy to see him up front presenting a good lesson to the brethren. He stopped and asked me if I wanted to take over. Of course I could not do that. I told him to continue and that I was enjoying his lesson very much. It fills me with joy to see the brethren there stubbornly continuing in the things of the Lord. At the track where I run in the mornings, I got a walking class going with a friend of mine by the name of Salvador. Keep us in your prayers that He will take that leap to continue asking questions and to consider the Lord Jesus. Beloved that is all. I miss you all so much. Only God knows how much I desire to visit and spend sometime With you. The work and now our grandchildren take up our vacation time. Our daughters have moved far away from us. Clara is in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada and April is in Portland, Oregon. They are doing well. Until next month, the Lord bless you, In His service, Raymond Gonzalez