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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Cal. 92232 January 2012 To our beloved in the Lord in the city of Lakeside: Greetings. It is with grateful hearts that we thank you for your fellowship in the work of God We feel not only blessed but privileged to be in your thoughts and deep dedication to Christ. We are a little late with the report again. Seems like the days now go faster and faster each month. Indeed, the Lord did cut short our years (Psa.90: 10)... for the better. The year passed and seems like little was done. There is so much work to be done, but we only have so much time and so much ability. May the Lord help us to make every minute count. The church in Mexicali continues to meet on Sundays to remember the One who came to save us. There is group of wealthy people close by who gather to "solve man's most pressing problems". The problems they have in mind are hunger and illnesses. Their cause is noble, but the greatest problem that man has is sin! Jesus is the only solution to this deadly problem! May man's lost condition and Jesus ever be an active thought as we move about in this world. The Lord give us courage to speak. On Wednesday evenings we are about to finish up with Psalms 110. What a study we have had in this Psalm! Since Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts and the Book of Hebrews quote from this chapter we took advantage of the moment and made the connections. We currently have two classes in Calexico. We live in Mexicali and sometimes we are 2 hours waiting in line to cross the border. It really bothers me. Martha who has to cross several times duririg the week handles it better. One thing it does do, it offers us plenty of time to visit with each other. One class is with a mother and daughter who are not congregating at this time. Their hearts were severely damaged by bad attitudes and negative preaching about our God. Yes our God is a just God who can not tolerate sin, but He is also a righteous God who "delights in mercy" (Micah 7:18). Our Lord told the Pharisees "go and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice" (Mt.9:13). I only wonder how many brothers and sisters are out there who have not come to know the kindness of om God. The other class is also with saints. Two of them have been members of the church for about 25 years but their knowledge of our Lord needs to grow more. They have a good knowledge of the plan of salvation and the work of the church, but their understanding of God should be deeper. They are vel)' grateful to us for coming over and spending time with them in the Scriptures. Our classes with Juan Leyva are still on and He is so eager to learn. If I have a list of Scripture for someone else, hell take out his pencil and jot them down. This past week he introduced us to a co-worker who is interested in the Lord. She used to be a member of some "non-catholic" group but when she married a catholic, he was very forceful and she left the group. Our good friend Maria de Jesus continues to attend our services. We are now looking to set up a Bible study on her day off. She is going to computer school and should soon be done with that. As you can see we are busy with classes but it was a slow year for "baptisms". I sometimes get discouraged but I have to remind myself that it is God who gives the increase. We sow the seed .. we water and then we have to wait. This past year we were able to meet with the brethren in Tecate just about every 1st Sunday of the month. The work there continues to mature ever so slowly, but it is showing signs of growth. The brethren in Boulevard are also grateful to our Good God and us for coming up on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Well my beloved, the Lord be with you. It is with gratitude that we close this letter always thanking God for you. The Lord bless you, Raymond Gonzalez