"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Cal. 92232 December 4, 2011 To our beloved in Lakeside who have trusted and continue to invest in the Lord Jesus the Christ. This family in Christ counts herself as blessed to be included in your fellowship and deep love for the things of Jehovah the Lord. In behalf of this congregation and those in Tecate, El Salvador and Cuba, thank you so much for your faithful support of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord continue to bless you with His love and knowledge. The church here continues to remember the Lord's death every 1st Day of the week as we anxiously await His return. May He find us busy in His Vineyard. May He find much fruit that He may rejoice in us. In our Sunday study we are now in John 7. We see a beautiful pattern in this gospel. Our Brother John recalled the sermon of our Lord in Capernaum concerning the Bread of Life. For 40 years the God of Israel fed His People in the desert the bread of angels as a type of the spiritual food that would come by His Son Jesus. Now in chapter 7 he recalls the sermon in Jerusalem where the Lord fills the type of the "Rock" that followed the People in the wilderness. He that comes to Jesus will be filled as He is the Fountain from which "rivers of living water flows". In our Wednesday evening class we are in Psalms 110. These Psalms provide for us a wealth of insight and hope. I am approaching these Psalms, from 106-109 as rewritten or recalled by those in Babylonian captivity. These Psalms appear to have been written by David but placed among the Psalms sung in captivity or just before they return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. Be that as it may, they are beautiful Psalms of confession and deep petitions for forgiveness. The Lord is always waiting for us to return to Him and when we do, there is much joy in Heaven. If only we could understand this about God. "He delighteth in mercy" (Micah 7: 18). Our classes with Juan Leyva continue. He is now doing all he can do attend our Wednesday evening service. His wife continues to join us in our study at his home. Our other regular visitor Dona Maria de Jesus also is happy to be with us. Both of these friends of ours are afraid of failing the Lord after they obey. Well welcome to the group! We tell them that God understands this and that they should turn their lives over to the Lord now and then let God bring them up as new borns. In our other classes in Calexico, we continue to try and undo much damage caused by twisted minds that parade as defenders of the faith when in reality they are much like the Pharisees who converted people into twice the sons of the devil. Our God is a righteous God who can not tolerate evil, but He is also merciful and "faithful to forgive us our sins (I John 1:9). We are so happy to report that Glauco Gonzalez spent 4 weeks vacationing in EI Salvador. We picked him up at the airport on the 21st of November. I asked ~ "well, how many days did you rest?" "None" was his answer. But you could not see a happier camper. The brethren down there were left with a beautiful example of how God can take a rustic peace of material and turn it into a tool in the Master's House. He was down there for 4 full weeks and preached everyday except a couple of Mondays that were used to move from one place to another. He preached in about 10 congregations so he got around. From the 15th (Tuesday) through the 21 (Sunday) we held a gospel meeting with Brother Darrel Beane from Renton, Washington preaching to us from I John. Darrel has improved much on his Spanish and wants to join us in our preaching trips to El Salvador. That fills me with joy. His lessons were very good and well presented. Very well my beloved, that is all for now. Thank you for your prayers. In His service, Raymond Gonzalez