"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 November 1, 2011 From the Gonzalez Family in Mexicali to all of our brethren who live and worship our Good God in the city of Lakeside: Greetings from us and the brethren who work with us here in Mexicali. The Lord bless each of you with His Great Love and knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. Just a word of thanks for the wonderful reception you always give us when we visit. Not even kings receive such love and attention. We thank God for you. The work continues forward here. We meet Sunday mornings for class and our service hour. We are now in John chapter 6.. "The Bread from Heaven". How blessed we are to be fed with the spiritual manna from above. In our Wednesday evening class we are now in Psalms 106. The Psalms seem to have no end to amaze us with information of our God. "His mercy endureth forever". If not for eternal love and compassion we would not make it. During the week we have a couple of classes in Calexico. One with the Quen Family. They are having a hard time finding a church to worship with. Little by little we hope to peck away at some of the teachings that have damaged their souls. There are people in all churches who have sinned and have come back. We accept their repentance as coming from the heart. "But how do we know they really repented?" .. was one of their questions. We said that it was not our job because we have no way of knowing. Yes there are brethren who have been members of the church for many years and after living a "good Christian life", they commit sin. I don't believe there are any in the churches who have not sinned even after being baptized. These same brethren then repent and we accept them. But sometimes we do not want to take them back cause they hurt the church. True, but who are we to deny them fellowship after repenting? We are treading where angels dare not. Our hearts have become hard when we want brethren to do acts of contrition. We just have not understood the power of the precious blood of our Lord. We also continue our class with Juan Leyva. He is now attending our Wednesday evening class also. Because of work he can not attend our Sunday services. Our Tuesday afternoon class usually lasts about 2 hours and we try to make the best of it. He is very sharp and learns fast. He is still hedging on baptism. We must be patient with him. It must come out from within him. We all want him to obey NOW but we can not force people. Nevertheless, it is exasperating to see someone with so much zeal to know the Lord who is hesitating to take that big step. The Lord help us and help him. We continue our visits to Tecate. The church here continues forward. My brother Glauco visits them twice a month and I once. At the time of this writing, Glauco Gonzalez, my brother in Christ and in the flesh is in EI Salvador for a four week "vacation". He worked every Saturday for a whole year to be free to spend that time in EI Salvador. He paid his own way. We offered to help with his expenses but he said, "no, I can handle that.. ". The brethren down there will feed him and move him from one place to another. We also visited the church in Boulevard on the 3rd Sunday evening of the month. The brethren there are doing well. They have new members and their joy is seen in their zeal to serve the Lord. This month Brother Dane Bengard came down to preach for us from Thursday the 6th through Sunday the 9th. He spoke in Spanish without a translator and did a magnificent job. His lessons were very clear and although his pronunciation needs improving we understood 99.99% of his words. He spoke to us about the Lord's Table. He concentrated on the "festive" aspect of the Lord's Supper. He will be speaking in Boulevard from the 7th thru the 9th of November .. a Monday thru Wednesday. This month we have been blessed with the visit of three Christians who will probably be placing membership with us. One of them is Sister Neli. She was baptized a month ago in Indio, California by brother Rafael Rodriguez. She is a new-born and we need to have a few studies with her in order to begin a process of grounding her in the faith. She seems very happy with us. We thank God for "snatching" her from the fire. She is about 82 years of age. Close. Also this month we made contact with a couple from a church of Christ in Central California. They want to worship with us and we gladly accept them. His name is Peter Spotted War Bonnet and his wife's name is Sonia Hernandez. Her father lives here in Mexicali close to our home. They have moved down to take care of him. He is about 85 years of age. This month our long lost little brother Saulo has returned. Since his mother passed away 3 years ago, he has been staying on and off with his father, Brother Uribe and with his sister. He decided to spend more time with his sister and we began to see less and less of him until he simple stopped attending. When we spoke to him he would always promise to come and he would not. Well we are happy that he is back and we hope he stays. He is only 16 years of age and needs to stay close to his spiritual family. In the spare time we are working at the building. We are trying to put more lighting to discourage the thieves. We have had to get a dog to help out. I found a skinny black female at the track where I run. Nobody seemed to want her and she followed me home. After fattening her up .. she turned out tone a-beautiful Labrador with a mix of boxer or something cause she looks mean! But she is the most kindest dog I've known. If the thieves get in, she will probably help them with the loot. Her name is Negra. We all love that dog. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez