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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 September 1, 2011 Greetings to our brethren in Christ who support this work. To those who worship and serve the Lord in the city of Lakeside: The Lord bless each of you with His knowledge and love in His Son Jesus. We got back from vacation on the 6th and it seems like we arrived running. Our class on the gospel of John is proceeding well. We are now in the 38th verse of chapter 4. On Wednesday evenings we are now going to start back with Psalms. We fmished the book of Nehemiah and last Wednesday night I gave the class a test on it. They fared very well and I feel satisfied with out study. If we learned anYthing from the study it was the desire Nehemiah had to prepare a people for the Lord. To have a people ready for the coming of the Messiah. The coming of our Lord was still about 500 years in the future and the pitfalls and temptations were great. But in the end, there was someone ready, waiting (Luke 1:5-6) and walking in the commandments of the Lord. Our class with Juan Leyva continues with good results. During our last class, Don Juan missed about half of the questions I had given him to look at. The questions were very simple. We are now looking at God's plan of salvation which are two classes. He did fme on all the other classes on the church and God, but here he stumbled. One question was: "Do I need to be baptized in the Name of Christ for the forgiveness of sin?" His answer was "no". I asked him why and he said, "because I believe and I am not baptized in His name". He told me that he 1hinks God will understand. O.k. we went to the next statement which is a True and False declaration. It says: "He that obeys the Lord is baptized". Here he put down his pencil and looking towards me said: ''I'm fighting inside of me ... I know I need to get baptized in order to be forgiven". I said to him: "you let me know when and I'll help you". I'm so excited because soon Don Juan will have to make the most important decision of his life. His wife was looking on and she also is struggling with what to do with Jesus. At this time I am just happy to be teaching Juan and his wife Anabel. The Lord help them and I ask you to keep us in your prayers. We also continue with our classes in Calexico with the Quen Family. We are looking at the book of Acts. We also started another class with Sister Rosalinda who is still a babe in Christ but is very hungry for the Word. On the 7th which is the first Sunday of the month, we visited the church in Tecate. Before the service began I a~ed one of the men present if he could please serve the Lord's Supper. We have been visiting this church for about two years and fmally we have some men who are coming with consistency. Brother Armando replied, "I'll do my best". I looked over to Brother Allen who is only about 17 and asked him if he would take the closing prayer. He panicked for a minute and looked over to his mother. Sister Rut gave him a look of confidence and told him, "son, it is time you started to help us". With that Allen placed himself at attention and said, "yes, I'll take the closing prayer". That has given the church a great lift. Last Sunday someone told me that Brother Fernando has taken up the preaching which is another plus. The Lord help them. On the 3rd Sunday of the month we continue to visit the brethren in Boulevard. It is always a treat for us to visit. One thing I'll have to do from now on. I'll have to pretranslate my lesson from Spanish to English. My aging mind can no longer compute like it used too. It was a joy to be with you this past Sunday evening. I lament that I have a terrible time with names, but I don't forget your faces. I appreciate all the kind words and the wonderful welcome you gave Martha and I. We are looking forward ULbeing with you again next month. On Wednesday the 10th of the month, Brother Andres Ortega gave his ftrst full class to the church here in Mexicali. He did a wonderful job. He is a very humble young man so it did not surprise us when he started out with: "This is my fIrSt time, so will you please be patient and help me". He apparently did a lot of study because he went right into his notes and he did just fine. This coming Sunday, Brother JesUs Uribe will be preaching for us. I am grateful to our God that men are starting to stand up to guide His People. Again this month someone broke into our building and tore off a 5 foot piece of copper pipe. He probably got a couple of dollars for it. The thief had the decency of turning of the shut-off valve. He stole the pipe at 2:00 p.m. in broad daylight. Thieves like to hit us at thaf time cause most of us are inside our homes staying cool. The noise of the air-conditioners muflle out whatever noise they make. The temperatures are averaging about 114 degrees so we have to stay indoors. They tell us that about 30,000 illegal's were deported from the U.S. right here to Mexicali. Many, but many of them are convicts and many are strung out on drugs. I've been sleeping at the church building to try and keep them at bay cause they will empty out the place. Seems like they are taking anything that is not chained down. O.K. beloved in the Lord, God be with you. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez