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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 Aug. 2, 2011 To our beloved brethren who support us in the work of preaching the gospel here in Mexicali and other parts of the Spanish-speaking world: Greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. At the time of this writing, Martha and I are visiting Jacob and Clara up here in Canada. Of course we are enjoying fully our grandchildren here, Karina (2.. terrible 2s) and Yesenia (11 months). Unbelievable to us, but we drove from Mexicali all the way up here. Now we have to drive back starting tomorrow. The time just flew by but we have enjoyed every moment of it. We left Mexicali on the 17th of June and we start our return tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we will meet with the church in Monroe, Washington. They want us to give them a report on the work in El Salvador. They are helping two brethren down there. Ive known them for over 25 years so I should be able to answer most of their questions. The work in Mexicali continues on. As we prepared the brethren for our 3 week vacation the men reassured me that everything will be o.k. A brother from El Centro East Side church of Christ, Peter Alvarado volunteered to help with the preaching. Brother Andres, only 17 years of age and a companion of mine in our visits to Tecate, assured me that he was prepared to teach on Wednesday evenings. Brother Uribe said he had lessons ready for Sunday in case Brother Alvarado could not make it. I got the flu at the end of June and carried over to July. Ive been eating a clove of garlic since last year and as soon as I stopped eating it, I got sick. Im back on it. Im doing fairly well now. On Sunday morning we continue with the Gospel of John. We finally finished with the 3rd chapter. We took our time with that chapter because of the great teachings there. On Wednesday evening we are now in Nehemiah 11. The last verse of chapter 10 was especially important.. "we will not forsake the house of our God". That is the attitude all of us should have towards the things of our Lord. There is a reason for the Lord having us to congregate to remember His death beside us living everyday for Him. Let us never abandon Him or His commandments or instructions. We continue our classes with Juan Leyva. He is so interested in learning the truth. I can see the hunger in his eyes as he reads and learns. It reminds of me when we would read and those "new" things would enter my mind. God help him to keep that hunger for His Truth. In the mornings I have been having a "walking class" with Doa Alma. As we walked and talked, another lady came up and asked if she could join in. She is a member of a Pentecostal group near by. Her name is Edith. After about 30 minutes of me talking, going over the story of Israel in the dessert, she asked a question which I was able to answer. She was very grateful. She commented that she has many questions but it is not that easy to ask her "pastor". I can see why, some questions have to do with the qualifications for "bishops" and the "tithes". We traveled north on the 18th to be with the Bengards in Chester. There we spent a week with them. They took us sightseeing, fishing and other interesting things up there. On the 21st Dane and I went to one of the prisons in the Susanville area. I got to meet the Spanish-speaking brethren. It was a great experience for me. One of the great challenges here is to convince these men that where "sin abounds, the grace of God abounds much more". Most of them have life sentences. The brothers working with Dane have baptized over 300 inmates. If anyone is interested in supporting this work, here is Danes email address: dansk@frontier.net On the first Sunday of July a bunch of us went to Tecate. We visited the church there and then we visited Sister Elsa Calero who is bed-ridden with acute arthritis. The disease has totally disfigured her hands and feet. She is being cared for by her son but she will soon have to be placed in a rest home. The church in Tecate is doing much better. A couple of the men have been coming forward to lead the congregation. It seems like a long time, but finally they are stepping up. The Lord help them. That is all for now beloved. In His service, your brother in Christ Jesus, Raymond Gonzalez