"The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church."
13021 Julian Avenue, Lakeside, CA 92040     
Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1480 Calexico, Ca. 92232 May 2, 2011 To our beloved in the Lord who serve God though His Son Jesus in the city of Lakeside: Greetings. The Lord grant each of you a measure of health and all of His blessings in Christ. May each of us continue to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Beloved, rejoice with us in the birth of Adrian Martinez into the family of God. Adrian was baptized on the 29th of the past month. It gives all of us great joy to see this young man give his live to the Lord. The church here continues with its work. Each individual brother and sister, doing the Lordīs will as parents, children, workers and citizens. As a congregation we meet every first day of the week to announce the Lordīs death till He comes for us. On Sunday mornings we are now in the middle of the first chapter of the gospel of John. We expect to move a little faster once we finish with this first chapter. On Wednesday evenings we congregate again and are now in Chapter 3 of Nehemiah. Both studies are facinating. We continue our classes with outsiders and we expect to set up more classes this month. We just finished a gospel meeting with Brother Mike Mendez from Sacramento. We had visitors to every service. One of those visitors is a fellow-runner. As I have reported I go jogging every morning and Iīve made good friens at the track. One of them is Juan. Iīve been inviting him for about 2 years and finally he came. He liked our method of learning and attended 3 times. The two times he did not come was because he had to work. He told me he liked hearing the Word preached and he was taking down every Scripture Mike cited. That was very encouraging for us. Also our hairdresser came on Sunday and she also noticed that we partook of the Lordīs Supper, not because it is the season, but because we do so every Sunday. Other friends and relatives came and we are very encouraged. I know that Iīll be having a class with Juan but we hope to have classes with the others too. All toll, we had 13 visitors to the meeting, 7 of which are not members of the church. We did not visit the church in Tecate this past month but my Brother Glauco tells me that they are doing fine and that they need to step in more to do their own work. Our classes with Alejandro Flores continues, but Iīm a little discouraged that he does not see an immediate need to get right with God, in spite of the fact that he is waiting for a kidney donor. The class with Sister Rosalinda on the American side of the border will continue. I was hoping to end the class when we finished with the gospel of Matthew. Sister Rosalindaīs husband has shown interest in learning about God from the Bible so we will now start with the book of Acts. We pray that her husband, Don Eliseo will join us. Also, another sister who has not congregated for about 2 months, asked us if we could start a class in her home. We might just all go over to her house and have the class there. We are very excited. That is all for now brethren, your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez