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[See the highlighted section below. Highlight mine --DCS] Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1480 Calexico, Ca. 92232 April 4, 2011 To our beloved and brethren Lakeside who faithfully support our efforts in the Spanish world, here in Mexicali and other places. Greetings in Christ Jesus. In behalf of the brethren here in Mexicali, El Salvador and Cuba, we thank you for helping us. Because of our location here, the work goes up and down.. people move in and people move out. I am happy to report that some brethren have moved far down into the interior of Mexico and they continue with the Lord. That fills my heart with joy. One such family, the Rodriquez Family moved to Esperanza, Sonora. They have been there for three months now. There was no church in Esperanza and the closest one was about 9 miles in the big city of Ciudad Obregon. Esperanza is a city of about 100,000 people. There is another family there in Esperanza and another couple in Ciudad Obregon who are looking for a sound church who want to start a fellowship in Esperanza. The Rodriguez Family live on the Army base so they are not allowed to congregate there. At this time they are meeting in the home of the couple from Esperanza. The little group numbers about 10. They would like to rent a place to worship where they can seat a little more people. They asked me if we could help them out with 50.00 a month. I told them that we were strapped down so Iīm extending their plea to you. The brethren from Hermosillo will be helping them with the preaching and encouraging them to continue. I love the boldness of the brethren and we believe that their efforts will be rewarded by our Lord. The work here flows slowly but surely. We have the strongest foundation in the universe, the Creator Himself in the Person of Jesus the Christ. On Sunday mornings we meet to remember Him and the price of our redemption. We have begun our study of the Gospel of John. We will be trying to cover a chapter every two Sundays, but it doesnīt look like we will do it. Awesome Gospel. On Wednesday evening we will be starting with Nehemiah. We got to Psalms 100. We will come back to Psalms after we finish with Nehemiah. We have been recording our sermons and also readings from the Bible. We had three sisters (shut-ins) who could not attend anymore because of health and age. We would pass the sermons to Cdīs and that way they could listen in their homes. Now we are using an mp3 player. Little gadget that stores and plays music or other recordings. We bought one and we can store up to about 100 sermons. That cuts our cost of Cds plus we can put whole books of the Bible in it. This is the service the saints are rendering to Sister Elsa. She is now bedridden with acute arthuritis. The disease has deformed her arms, hands and feet. Seeing her saddens our hearts, but she brightens up when we visit her. The readings from the Bible are her favorites. So much for my sermons and that of others. My class with Mr. Alejandro Flores continues. I will be slacking off some with him because I want to take the gospel to others. He has acknowledged his need to obey the gospel for his salvation. We got to Acts 8:35-38, Alejandro commented with awe; "He was baptized!" I asked him if he was baptized. He told me that he was only sprinkled as a child and that he knew he needed to be baptized in Christīs name for forgiveness. Iīll keep visiting him but the ball is now on his side of the court. May the Lord help him before it is too late. He suffers from kidney failure and receives dialysis every other day. Our class on Tuesday evenings at the home of Sister Rosalinda are edifying to us. Martha and I look forward to being with her and Brother Ulices and Sister Ester. This last class we had her husband came in just as we finished. We began visiting with him and it turns out that we worked together in the lettuce fields about 36 years ago, more or less in 1974-75. Hopefully that will give him a little more confidence to join us in the class. Sister Rosalinda is working hard with her children and her husband. Martha and Ester insist that she just give them a good example if they donīt want to hear. The second week of March we had a gospel meeting. Brother Enrique Cisneros was the speaker and we had good attendance with some visitors. Neighbors, friends and co-workers came to the meeting. We have followed up and we expect to get some classes with them. We visited the church in Tecate as usual, the first Sunday of the month. Since returning to their church building, their Attendance is much better. We also visited the brethren in Boulevard and the attendance there has also improved. A young family has been coming more regularly and in time. Their children are in their early teens and they need to see committment in their parents. Their young boy seems very excited cause he "amen"ded my sermon a couple of times. Very well our beloved, the Lord take care of each of you. In His service, Raymond Gonzalez