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Raymond Gonzalez P.O. Box 1453 Calexico, Ca. 92232 Mar.1, 2011 To the saints of God who serve the only true and living Jehovah in the city of Lakeside: Greetings from your family in Christ here in Mexicali. I thank God always for you. Here is our report for the past month. First, the church here in Mexicali faithfully meets on the first day of the week to remember the Lord's death. We shall do this until we leave this world or until He returns for His People. While assembled, we take advantage of the reunion to pray, sing, give and study the Word of our God. We are now in the final chapter of Romans. Indeed it has been a wonderful study. Romans is a letter of great value in keeping brethren together, no matter what color of skin, particular race or our past. The calling of the "nations" was always part of God's plan. On Wednesdays we continue our class from Psalms. We are now in Psalm 98. Two more Psalms and we will take a break and study from the gospel of John. Our classes with our friends continue. We are starting our Tuesday evening class with the Guevara Family in Calexico. This class started in order to preach the gospel to our now Sister Rosalinda. Now we have another new sister, her name is Ana Salgado. She was baptized on Sunday in El Centro. We will be taking her into our class and help ground her in the faith. Ana is Brother David Salgado's sister. I've know the Salgado Family since 1964 and I rejoice that some of our old acquaintances are obeying the good Word of God. Ana is Brother David's fruit as he gives a good example and is also well versed in the Scriptures. Brethren, we report the death of another sister. Marķa Borbon passed away on the 14th of February. She and her sister Altagracia were hospitalized just about the same time. Altagracia passed away in December and in less than two months, Marķa followed her to be with the Lord. On the last visit we had with her, she told me that she was "not going to fight anymore.. the Lord“s will be done". She was struggling to breathe and with that she began to relax and quietly she slipped away a few days later. Marķa“s passings is the 3rd in the last 6 months. All three were in their later years. Marķa was 76. All three were converted late in life, snatched from the evil one in the twilight of their lives. We rejoice in that. This past month we were able to visit Jacob, Clara and the grandkids up in Canada. We are very proud of them. As Christians they are dedicated to our Lord and try to follow God“s example and teaching in all things. Can“t tell you now much we miss our little ones. We were there for only 9 days.. seemed like one. Even with our little get away to be with our grandkids, we did not miss a beat. We visited the church in Tecate on the first Sunday of the month and Boulevard on the 3rd Sunday. The church in Tecate is back to its church building and we had a much larger attendance than usual. Some of the brethren are back and also some of the visitors are attending. I guess it make a difference to them to meet in a "church". We want to report on our Sister Elsa Calero. She has been bed-ridden for about 2 years now. She has severe arthuritis. Her hands and feet are deformed now and although she is still able to feed herself, she is totally dependent on her sister. I tell you with much regret that her children have abandoned her. It is not anger, but pity that I have for her children who do not want to help her. The first commandment we have with promise, is to "honor our father and our mother". "Woe" to the children who do not honor and serve their parents in their need. Paul says they are worst than infidels. We will be visiting Elsa as much as the Lord allows us. As we have been reporting, the crime rate around here continues to increase. The authorities don“t know where to begin. We have been flooded with people who do not respect that which is not theirs. This year the United States plans to deport over 300,000 illegals acused of crimal activity. They will be settling right here on the border towns. The Lord keep us. Our building was broken into again, this time our loss was only a car battery. Everything is under lock and key. Here at the house, a thief jumbed our fence and tried to steel my bike, but it was chained. Our neighbor saw him and yelled out and the thief bolted over the fence and was gone in a flash. These guys should train for the olympics! They are nimber and fast. Very well our beloved, that is all for now. The Lord keep you in His care. Your brother in His service, Raymond Gonzalez